• Copan Group
    Copan Group
    COPAN Group comprises of six companies which include: COPAN Italia, COPAN Flock Technologies, COPAN NewLab Engineering, COPAN Diagnostics, Inc., COPAN Wasp and COPAN Innovation Shanghai Limited.
  • Copan Italia
    Copan Italia
    Founded in 1979, as a small, family-owned distributor of disposable plastic lab components, it didn’t take long for COPAN Italia to take off. The company quickly grew, thanks to improvements in product design, and armed with those advancements COPAN was able to optimize manufacturing. COPAN revolutionized the world of collection and transport devices with key product and packaging improvements. In 1997, we began packaging our traditional line of bacteriology swabs in state-of-the-art VI-PAK Aluminum Foil packs, which extend the product’s shelf-life by providing an oxygen-blocking barrier and protecting against damage from direct sunlight. COPAN Italia is now dedicated to standardized universal specimen collection and preservation systems for bacteriology, virology, molecular biology, forensic and environmental sampling.
  • Copan Flock Technologies
    Copan Flock Technologies
    Founded in 2003, COPAN Flock Technologies (formerly MicroRheologics) is a division of the COPAN Group dedicated solely to developing innovative sample collection, transport and preservation solutions for diagnostic, biotechnology and life science companies. Creating COPAN Flock Technologies enabled the COPAN Group to channel all its medical, scientific and engineering knowledge into a division specifically focused on business-to-business customized solutions to diagnostic companies in the clinical, pharmaceutical, industrial and forensics field.
  • Copan Wasp
    Copan Wasp
    COPAN Wasp provides laboratory automation systems for sample processing in the Microbiology laboratory. COPAN’s WASP®, Walk-Away Specimen Processor, is a comprehensive system encompassing all aspects of automated specimen processing, planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation, enrichment broth inoculation and dispensing of antibiotic disks for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. COPAN WASP® also manufactures WASPLab®. WASPLab®, a sophisticated barcode driven Microbiology specimen processor and work-up system, connects with WASP® using a conveyor track. WASPLab® moves samples from front end processing to full specimen management, automated incubation and digital Microbiology.
  • Copan NewLab
    NewLab is one of the business unit of COPAN Group. The division created in 2012 is dedicated to OEM automations for diagnostic companies. Till now the team has worked on two instruments distributed by Thermofisher for the DNA databasing industry: CPA 200™ and CPA300™. With NewLab you can exploit our expertise in building automations while concentrating on the commercialisation of the product. Working with us you can avoid to build internally the extensive know how needed to manage such complex projects. At the same time you will receive a bespoke product which fulfill your end user's needs.
  • Copan Diagnostics
    Copan Diagnostics
    When Norman Sharples struck up a conversation with Daniele Triva at a trade show in 1994, the British Microbiologist and business developer had no idea the meeting would result in a permanent move to the United States. Yet, expanding the Italian-based company into the North and South American market seemed like the perfect next step. Norman’s one stipulation: the company must be located in Southern California and close to the ocean. A year later COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. opened its doors in Corona, California with Norman as CEO. In 2007, the company moved to a larger facility in Murrieta, California. In 2009, COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. doubled its space, purchasing another building in order to expand the repackaging and manufacturing of disposable loops and pipettes.
  • Copan Innovation Shanghai Limited
    Copan China
    In order to serve the burgeoning Chinese market, COPAN opened the doors of its Shanghai, China office in 2011. COPAN Innovation Shanghai Limited manages clinical product sales and business-to-business projects for the Chinese market. COPAN China has started manufacturing products to serve the growing needs of the local market.