• Our mission
    Our mission
    COPAN is not just a company – we are a group of dedicated individuals who understand that the products we create are an essential component that helps the health and wellness of patients. It’s COPAN’s mission to meld the worlds of science and innovation and use them to improve the health of patients worldwide. We are innovation fueled by the power of collaboration, curiosity and determination. We love the challenge of getting to that next eureka moment and creating solutions for our customers. Collaboration that recognizes the best ideas that come from anywhere; and we have tireless, passionate and creative minds that live to crack those riddles. We see innovation as an open endeavor that thrives with participation from all stakeholders.


  • Our philosophy
    Our philosophy
    Leadership, it's in our DNA to create, not replicate. Human, we are parents, children, brothers and sisters. We're proud to play an important role in safeguarding public health. Our products may be used at the beginning of the process but we never, ever forget that there's a human being at the end. A better sample is more likely to result in a correct diagnosis, which translates to faster and more accurate treatments. At COPAN a swab isn’t simply a swab - it’s a mélange of science, innovation, art, collaboration, curiosity, invention and passion – all encapsulated in a lovely, beautiful little tip.


  • Our future
    Our future
    Is a swab beautiful? For us the resounding answer is yes. At COPAN, we truly believe the unique devices we develop are beautiful because they help improve the health, treatment and well-being of patients everywhere. Our steadfast goal is to continually use innovation and technological advances to improve patient care.


  • Futura science park
    Futura science park
    Step through the rod iron-gate into the bamboo-filled and wood-side walk graced grounds, and it’s easy to see why COPAN employees rave about Futura Science Park. Bikes propped up near the entrance are available for the ride between COPAN’s two buildings. A bowl filled with fresh fruit in the reception area serves as a healthy welcome to employees, customers, and visitors. A spiral staircase leads to an open-floor plan. It’s evident with the work in progress that this is not a stagnant company. Engineers keep busy with research and development, while scientists work diligently in the lab. All while remaining involved with ongoing research through our collaboration with the University of Brescia. That’s why this isn’t just an office building, this is Futura Science Park, an incubator for ideas, a constantly evolving machine of creation, innovation, research and development.