• Our Community
    Our Community
    We call it the COPAN family for a reason – this company is about more than numbers, it has heart. A key factor to our low turnover, all of COPAN’s original employees, are still working here, may be that we strive to create a nurturing, supportive atmosphere companywide. From day care and yoga classes to a Japanese-style meditation garden and free English classes, we want to make sure that the individuals we’re lucky enough to employ, come to work every day with a smile on their face.
  • Employee Well-Being
    We spend the vast majority of our day at work – yet COPAN is quite aware that employees have a life outside of the office or lab. That’s why we strive to provide a well-rounded work environment to the employees who choose to contribute their expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to the company. Parents can take advantage of the Peter Pan Center – a subsidized daycare center located right on the Futura Science Park campus. We recognize that exercise is essential to our well-being, thus we provide free gym memberships and complimentary yoga classes. Employees can also enjoy healthy low-cost meals in the company’s onsite cafeteria. And for those interested in improving their language skills, COPAN offers free English courses.
  • Ethical Code
    Ethical Code
    Copan pledges to develop and spread a new value-based approach in the working world through a way of thinking and acting that translates into everyday ethical behavior. The responsibility assumed by the company transcends the confines of the production environment and seeks to satisfy personal needs and requirements relating to the private lives of stakeholders. Copan is committed not only to the development of high quality products that contribute to keeping the general public healthy but also to safeguarding the natural environment, promoting the physical and mental health of its workers, and guaranteeing them a safe, comfortable and stimulating workplace. WHY A CODE OF ETHICS?