Technology Buffet

COPAN Italia strives for simplicity. For hospitals and laboratories, that means providing universal media and broths that are compatible with all assays. Our Microbiology, virology and molecular biology laboratories always develop these maintenance media and IVD enrichment broths with the patient in mind. We know that the right tools will enable the Microbiologist to formulate quick and accurate results and pass those along to the patients. COPAN Flock Technologies: Customization is our forté! We work closely with our clients on their projects, from design and development, to manufacturing and final kit packaging. Our proactive and versatile approach is backed by a unique technology buffet, making it possible to serve customer’s needs with a flexible and cost-effective approach. With COPAN, you’ll receive the benefits of industrial scale production, yet at the same time specialization and a close partnership. This synchronization will result in the high quality, competitively priced products that we pride ourselves upon here at COPAN. The COPAN NewLab team works diligently to remain aware of any emerging technological advances in the areas of image analysis, electro mechanics and robotics. In this constantly evolving technological environment, it’s essential that they keep an open mind in order to deal with new requests and unexpected modifications to their designs. COPAN NewLab considers themselves a technological partner, here to help you deal with today’s many complex projects. COPAN Wasp®: When Microbiologists asked us to free them from the tedious task of specimen set-up in order to focus on high level tasks, we got to work right away. Sure COPAN was already well-known in the collection and preservation systems world, but that didn’t stop us from accepting the challenge. After all, innovation is our forté. So, in 2007 our team bolted two robots onto a Microbiology lab bench and asked for feedback. The result? Less than one year later, at the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Boston, Massachusetts and the European Clinical Congress for Microbiology and Infectious Disease in Barcelona, Spain, COPAN launched Wasp®, the first automated specimen processor in its class. The development of WASPLab™ quickly followed. COPAN wants to provide the scientific community a smooth transition by delivering automation solutions that mimic the current Microbiology environment. Our large scale, custom automation now enables us to produce and supply almost a million collection and preservation systems daily for clinical and biological samples.