1. 1979 1976
    COPAN, which stands for the Italian acronym, "COadiuvanti per ANalisi", is founded by Giorgio Triva in Mantua, Italy.

  2. 1982 1982
    COPAN changes the acronym to "COllection and Preservation for ANalysis" and begins to produce swabs.

  3. 1994 1994
    Daniele Triva meets Norman Sharples, a British Microbiologist, at a tradeshow. The two discuss expanding the company to the United States. COPAN begins to invest in technology and enters into the automation sector with the invention of the Ghibli, for large scale production of our products.

  4. 1995 1995
    COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. opens in Corona, California.

  5. 1998 1998
    COPAN Italia moves to a 100,000 square foot site in Brescia, Italy, expanding its operations and fully integrating research and development, product design, mold construction, equipment automation and manufacture and product assembly.

  6. 2003 2003
    COPAN invents FLOQSwabs™, our patented flocked swabs.

  7. 2007 2007
    COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. relocates to Murrieta, California to a 15,000 square foot facility. The first WASP®, Walk-Away Specimen Processor, is invented.

  8. 2009 2009
    FUTURA Science Park opens in Brescia, Italy and in the meantime COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. buy an additional 13,000 square foot building adjacent to its site in Murrieta, California to expand its packaging and manufacturing operations of disposable loops and pipettes.

  9. 2011 2011
    Copan Innovation Shanghai Limited opens in Shanghai, China.

  10. 2012 2012
    The first WASPLab™ is installed.

  11. 2014 2014
    Stefania Triva Assumes the Role of CEO and General Manager of COPAN Group.

  12. 2015 2015
    WASP®-DT and WASPLab™ Onsite Training Facility opens in Murrieta, California.

  13. 2016 2016
    New Copan Wasp® and NewLab Engineering offices open in Brescia, Italy.

  14. 2017 2017
    Copan Japan Co. LDT opens in Kobe City, Japan

  15. 2018 2018

    Copan Industries Inc. opens in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    and first Milkyway™ is installed in Danone Industrie (Madrid ).