Why a Code of Ethics?

Copan pledges to develop and spread a value-based approach in the working world through a way of thinking and acting that translates into everyday ethical behavior.
As well as respect for the laws and regulations in force, of course, this involves the voluntary adherence to this project of all stakeholders involved in the company’s mission. The decision to use a tool belonging to the so-called Corporate Social Responsibility realm to promote and consolidate behavioral best practices is the result of the Management’s awareness and desire to clearly and consistently guide all of the relationships it entertains.
Through its Code of Ethics, Copan promotes the ethical principles that underpin its business and outlines the conduct expected of its workers when carrying out their activities, passing on the company’s DNA to the future generations.
The Code of Ethics constructs and completes a bridge between everyday reality and the provisions of Leg. Decree 231/2001 in order to make the rules clearer and facilitate the strategic decisions that impact heavily on company life.
Adopting this instrument involves addressing the processes of analyzing and implementing the founding values, of assimilating their content, translation into everyday practice and monitoring the effects, and finally assessing the suitability of the instrument employed.
Copan wants to demonstrate tangible proof of its awareness that People and their physical and mental wellbeing are the company’s most valuable assets. As such, as well as investing in product quality and the efficiency of its services, it aims to underline its willingness to listen to the needs of its stakeholders and to construct an open dialogue with them, seeking to spread a positive approach also to address ethical dilemmas.