Conceived as a capacity-building tool in patient-care quality, the Company's strategy focuses on specific product lines to assemble all the many-faceted knowledge and background for technical and quality improvements. As a cyclical process, COPAN adopts a frequent approach to quality improvement – understand the problem, plan, take action, examine the results, and design new actions in response. As long as the process is well planned, appropriately furnished, and driven by available information and adjusted to interventions from all levels of staff, an agreed quality-improvement strategy could be produced in a short period.
Involving and engaging all levels of the company’s staff is Copan’s core value. In-house wealth of knowledge and expertise is shared, problems and situations are openly discussed with the involved staff. COPAN is a fully integrated process company. High level of vertical integration allows the company to exercise quality control over every single step of the manufacturing process enabling it to apply its own accreditation. Such a fundamental achieves the goal of technical and quality improvement policy, and of risk mitigation. COPAN’s mission? Enhancing the Quality of the Pre-Analytical Phase!



Quality Certification