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Evidence collection devices with antimicrobial treatment for crime scene use

4N6FLOQSwabs® guarantee that even minute amounts of DNA are collected and remain available for testing. Suitable for all traces: sweat, semen, blood stains, skin, and any environmental traces found at a crime scene.

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Antimicrobial Treatment

4N6 FLOQSwabs® Crime scene special coating of the nylon fibers allows nucleic acid preservation without any drying activity.



ISO 18385:2016 compliant

The validated EO TREATMENT assesses the degradation of possible human DNA residuals.
– Free of amplifiable human DNA, detectable and amplifiable DNase, and RNase
– Personnel STR database
– Stringent controls and automated manufacturing processes.


Crime scene evidence collection

Successful forensic investigations begin with proper samples, and proper samples are obtained by using proper collection methods.
Copan has designed and developed 4N6FLOQSwabs® to optimize the efficiency of the target collection (not for use on living humans).


FLOQ® technology

This Swab is empowered by the FLOQ® technology for superior sample adsorption and release.

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20 mm breaking point

The short length breaking point and the 2-1,5 ml vials compatible tip facilitate the laboratory workflow.


Collection guidelines

Together with the experts in evidence collection, Copan has established guidelines to maximize sample collection and preservation.


Forensic DNA grade

ISO 18385:2016 compliance minimizes the risk of detectable human nuclear DNA contamination in products used by the global forensic community.

Into the Line

This line groups a variety of product codes, each optimized to address specific needs.
Check here the summary of these features and contact us to discover the product code that best suits your need-mix and available in your Country.

Collection Substrates

  • Cadavers
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Fabrics
  • Wood
  • Etc…

Fields of Application

  • Crime scene evidence collection
  • Legal medicine (autopsy)


  • Regular
  • Subungueal
  • Divisible

Downstream Application

  • RT-PCR
  • Magnetic extraction kit
  • Chelex extraction kit
  • Silica columns extraction kit
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Suggested uses table. Please refer to your GLP procedures to choose the most appropriate device. The use of this product in association with diagnostic kits or instrumentation should be internally validated by the user.

Scientific Mentions

Always faithful to our scientific approach, we are eager to hear the proof of the success of our efforts and commitment.

Browse Studies

FSI 2013 – A. Dadhania et al.

Best DNA recoveries occurred in our hands when a sample was collected with 4N6FLOQSwabs®.

ISHI 2015 – A. Bailey et al.

Useful DNA profiles for matching and/or exclusions can obtained with 4N6FLOQSwabs® from fingerprints deposited on Duct Tape, even after prolonged storage of up to 18 months.

RIS 2013

4N6FLOQSwabs® were used to collect different body fluids and, left at RT for a maximum of 21 days, DNA Quantfication results demonstrated that the quantity of biological material remain almost the same during the analyzed period, thanks to antimicrobial treatment.

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We will drive you through our forensic range: how these products are made, their features, and the standards they must comply with!

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Scientific study

Copan microFLOQ® Direct Swab collection of bloodstains, saliva, and semen on cotton cloth

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