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Scientific Study

Accelerated Time-to-Diagnosis by Automated Processing of Positive Blood Cultures on Copan WASPLab®

Marion Jetter, Martina Marchesi, Peter M. Keller, Michael Hombach

Scientific Study

Evaluation of the Copan BC+™ for the Automated Management of Positive Blood Cultures: Microscope Slides and Subcultures Preparation

Bielli A., Lepera V., Oggioni M., Lacchini C., Lombardi G., Vismara C.

Scientific Study

Rapid identification by MALDI-TOF/MS and antimicrobial disk diffusion susceptibility testing for positive blood cultures after a short incubation on the WASPLab®

Abdessalam Cherkaoui & Gesuele Renzi & Nouria Azam & Didier Schorderet & Nicolas Vuilleumier
& Jacques Schrenzel