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Scientific Study

Evidence of surface contamination in hospital rooms ccupied by patients infected with monkeypox, Germany, June 2022

D. Nörz, S. Pfefferle, T. T. Brehm, G. Franke, I. Grewe, B. Knobling, M. Aepfelbacher, S. Huber, E. M. Klupp, S. Jordan, M. M. Addo, J. Schulze zur Wiesch, S. Schmiedel, M. Lütgehetmann, J. K. Knobloch

Copan White Paper

Self-collected saliva for SARS-CoV-2 detection: evaluation of Copan Lollisponge™

Cristiano Sabelli, Ph.D., Simone Paghera, MS.

Copan White Paper

Monkeypox: sample collection and diagnostic techniques

Stefania Di Costanzo, Ph.D.