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ECCMID Symposium & Flash Session

In the Integrated symposium “The challenges of managing the COVID-19 pandemic from pre analytics to diagnosis,” Dr. Paolo Gaibani – chaired by Professor Dave Hawkes – explores lab automation’s value throughout the pandemic and its usefulness in the upcoming years. In addition, the Flash Session, entitled “Listening to the needs of healthcare professionals: Copan’s innovative approach to the pandemic,” goes into detail on Copan’s latest projects.


Laboratory diagnosis of SARS CoV-2 infections: impact of automation on the different steps

Featuring Professor Vittorio Sambri, this webinar will investigate the beneficial role automation could have in diagnosing COVID-19. As the topic is currently of great relevance, this is an appointment not to be missed.

Prof. Vittorio Sambri MD, PhD.
DIMES – University of Bologna Associate Professor and Head of the Unit of Microbiology. The Greater Romagna Area Hub Laboratory