May 2018

Daniele Triva Memorial Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Diagnostic Clinical Microbiology

This one-year post-doctoral fellowship supports the successful candidate for an intense, applied and project-oriented fellowship experience in diagnostic clinical microbiology under the supervision of two McMaster University faculty, in the setting of one of Canada’s busiest and most innovative clinical microbiology laboratories.

Daniele Triva was a brilliant and visionary leader of Copan Italia, whose innovation in pre-analytic methods, liquid microbiology, and laboratory automation forever changed how microbiology laboratories diagnose infectious diseases. For over 20 years, McMaster University, the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program (HRLMP) and Copan Italia have collaborated in diagnostic research and implementation of automation in the clinical laboratory. Today, HRLMP is renowned for its leadership and expertise in virology, molecular diagnostics and laboratory automation, providing clinical microbiology services to over a dozen Ontario hospitals. This unique fellowship continues this long-standing collaboration.

Dicember 05, 2017 - Murrieta CA

Recent multicenter study by Dr. Carey-Ann D. Burnham et al adds another application to the growing number of uses and endorsements for COPAN’s widely popular ESwab®. ESwab® comprises of 1ml of liquid Amies and a flocked swab that completely elutes the sample into the preservation medium. Its versatility and universal appeal simplifies sample collection by minimizing the plethora of specimen collection swabs that need to be stocked by medical centers and clinics in favor of a single multipurpose bacteriology swab.

Copan Italia - 9 November, 2017 - Brescia, Italy

Copan Italia SpA and Shinji Matsuura proudly announce the formation of a joint venture for the strategic promotion and distribution of Copan’s Liquid Based Microbiology™ (LBM®) range in Japan.

Murrieta, CA – September 28, 2017 

Apparently, many Americans spend the holidays doing more than hanging up stockings and trimming the tree. September happens to wear the noteworthy title of “most popular birth month in the United States”. Count back nine months and … you get the point.

Murrieta, CA – September 14, 2017 

It isn’t every day that a company hits four milestones with the placement of one system. But that is exactly what happened last month at the University Health Network/Sinai Health System’s Department of Microbiology in Toronto, Ontario when COPAN installed WASPLab®, a fully automated specimen processor and work-up system for microbiology, which comprises robotic culture and incubation of specimens, digital imaging and artificial intelligence to assist interpretation and reporting of patient results.

Murrieta, CA – July 24, 2017

After a successful launch at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe 2017, COPAN is showcasing PhenoMATRIX™ to a wider audience at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual meeting at the San Diego Convention Center from August 1 through August 3.

New Orleans, CA – June 14, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — A novel home-based self-sampling vaginal swab for detection of STDs produced the same results as a swab used under the supervision of a gynecologist and was preferred by 80% of patients, according to the results of a study presented at ASM Microbe. 

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Murrieta, CA – April 21st, 2017

When it comes to stool, sometimes less is more. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology titled “Evaluation of the New FecalSwab™ to Maintain Stability of Stool Samples Submitted for Molecular Tests” concluded that this is particularly true when taking advantage of the convenience and accuracy of COPAN’s latest product addition: FecalSwab™. The study, released on March 15, 2017 set out to determine the most effective, rapid and least invasive method to collect stool samples and quickly treat patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. 

Murrieta, CA May 5th, 2017

GI Pathogens can be difficult to detect due to the lack of sensitivity and speed experienced with traditional methods and patients having trouble providing a timely specimen. To help remedy these issues COPAN’s FecalSwab™ (FS) has been the focal point of several recent evaluations. As a kit, FecalSwab™ comes with a regular COPAN flocked swab (FLOQSwabs™) and 2 mL of Cary-Blair medium. Many clinicians have considered using the flocked swab as a rectal swab, in scenarios where timely access to a sample is crucial, and ability to collect a fresh stool is unmanageable. There is an unmet clinical need in pediatric settings when the patient shows up with acute symptoms and a sample needs to be immediately obtained for testing. In a continuation of an earlier study, Dr. Chapin and her team presented Comparison of Results Obtained with the FilmArray GI Panel Using Rectal Swabs and Cary-Blair Stool from Patients with Gastroenteritis in the Pediatric Emergency Dept., which entailed studying the use of FecalSwab™ as a rectal collection device that could be administered upon patient visit in conjunction with a widely accepted rapid detection assay, the FilmArray Gastrointestinal Panel (BioFire Diagnostics). While FecalSwab™ has had FDA clearance since Spring of 2015, the use of FS as a rectal swab collection device used in conjunction with a molecular FilmArray GI Panel has not been cleared by the FDA. 

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