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The main idea of Digital Microbiology is to create a comprehensive ecosystem for laboratory processes, technology, and applications transforming physical objects into a continuous intelligent data stream connecting preanalytical and analytical platforms. This idea is revolutionizing how diagnosis are developed, leading to higher medical value and more efficient lab workflows.

Envisioning a Full microbiology
Lab Automation

Combining process automation with data digitalization, our Digital Microbiology solutions take over your routine daily tasks, supporting your diagnostic decisions and maximizing lab efficiency.

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Intangible and mighty

Many are the advantages of digital information: it has no weight and does not take up physical space. In just a handful of bytes, it condenses an exorbitant amount of data that can be analyzed, copied, and transferred at the speed of light.



Digital data can be accessed and consulted everywhere with just a computer and a net connection.



Digitization translates dissimilar objects into a universal common language shared between various softwares, platforms and LIS for trouble-free data exchange and communication.


Storage and safety

Hundreds of thousands of plates stored in a book-sized hard drive, protecting sensitive information and patients’ privacy through proprietary software.



We believe in a future where laboratory data can be easily shared and combined in a global healthcare network that unlocks many diagnostic

From the plate image to plate interpretation and colony picking

Appropriate software, AI systems, and interpretation algorithms are the key to make the most of digitized data. To date, the Copan WASP® automation ecosystem includes several modules designated to perform specific activities with extreme reliability and minimum effort.

The digital microbiology mark

The key to Microbiology 4.0

This circle identifies all the automation modules which exploit digital technologies to accelerate your workflow, maximize lab effiency, and support your diagnostic decisions through improved treatment indication. Look for the mark in all our printed material and online content!


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Colibrí™ EcoSystem

Colibrì™ is the WASPLab® module designed to automatize colony picking, and preparation of targets for ID through MALDI-TOF technology, and bacterial suspensions for AST. Discover its features in this video!

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Collaborative Station™

We designed our Collaborative Station to perform traditional manual processes automatically. Improving speed and traceability, the Collaborative Station reduces errors and repetitive stress injuries.

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Upgrade your lab with Artificial Intelligence Interpretation – PenoMATRIX™
Our AI-algorithms suite PhenoMATRIX™ takes your clinical bacteriology lab a step forward into a completely automated workflow.

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Radian™ – Automated Disk Diffusion Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Radian® is the WASPLab® module dedicated to the full automation and interpretation of Disk Diffusion Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing.

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WASPLab® Ecosystem

WASPLab® is our preanalytical automation ecosystem that begins at the inoculation phase and ends at reading, interpreting, and picking activities. Discover in this video all its modules!

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