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Business alliances

Services and products to streamline your workflow

We provide customizable products, services, and all-around support to unlock your products’ full potential.

An easy choice

Teaming up with the right partner can determine the success of a product. We are the preanalytics experts: the quality of our products is always a given, but here you’ll discover all the other reasons why we are the best partner a company can have.

Off the shelf

Your product’s finest allies

Our swabs and transport media can be included and validated in your diagnostic kit, to offer the final user a flawless experience from sample collection onward.


Product customization

Made to measure

You can start from one of our products and customize it with extreme flexibility to fit your and your clients’ needs. Our R&D department will listen to your requirements and will follow the project up to the product release.

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Full-OEM Production

Production capacity and global presence

Sometimes what you need is just someone who helps you manufacture your products most efficiently and reliably. With the multi-billion piece-sized capacity of our four production sites across the globe, we ensure your products a timely implementation and fast delivery, unparalleled in preanalytics.



All-around assistance

Our family comprises scientific, legal, and regulatory affairs experts who can support you through all the steps of a product clearance or marking to streamline your processes and unlock your worldwide product’s salability.


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