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About Copan

We are dedicated to developing high-quality and cutting-edge sample collection products for infectious diseases, human genomics, environmental and forensic applications, along with high-end automated workflow solutions.
Today, we are still eager to continue this innovation, providing quality products, customized services, and prime solutions to improve patients’ health.

Company Profile

Our Mission

If there’s a way to do it better, let’s find it:
this is a motto we’ve made our own.
Our ideas drove 40 years of progress in the field of
preanalytics, leading to more and more reliable diagnoses.
We are the first stepping stone in a process
aimed at good health.
We build on the innate enthusiasm and commitment
in our partners and us.
We live for the deep connection between
the human beings behind the professionals.
Our hearts and minds band together to reach
higher and newer goals.

Preanalytics made different

Our holistic approach

The path to a correct diagnosis is an intricate weave, where every thread makes the difference.
Preanalytics is the primary and fundamental wrap of this weave, as no top-grade futuristic assay will get back what you lost during a poor sample collection, transport, or processing.
Hence our comprehensive approach to preanalytics: from sample collection to image analysis and data management, we accompany your precious sample to the edge of impeccable diagnostics.


Over 40 years of people-focused innovation

But how did this happen? First, by answering the need for accurate and trustworthy diagnoses with meaningful products, ideas, and connections.
Second, by understanding that innovations could come and go, but the value you give to people lasts forever.

Back to back at the vanguard of preanalytics

We are honored to have great partners worldwide, with whom we built a strong and effective network. Relating to their challenges and needs, we nurtured thriving human relationships.

Wilmer Verniers MLS – Belgium

Copan has guided microbiology to a new gold standard, for sure! During that mission they’ve always put the people and the product in first place. Business comes afterwards. Copan is professional. Copan is joy. And always humble. Great company to work with.

Aleksandra Peharda Mikro+Polo d.o.o. – Slovenia

Our Company places great emphasis on relationships between employees and customers, which is why we choose our business partners very carefully. Therefore, we are very honored to have found with Copan not only a Company with exceptional development and knowledge, but we have found a Partner with whom we share our values, and learn and grow together.

Asbjorn Jacobsen Nerliens Meszansky AS – Norway

A friendly and open-minded collaboration since 1995, based on common respect and belief in success. COPAN’s ability to listen, and to make leading innovations made us both succeed. Together.

Christine von Landenberg Ruwag Handels – Switzerland

Working together with Copan since almost 10 years in Switzerland, we value particularly the trusting relationship between our companies and the co-operation on a close personal level.

An international family business

The days when Copan was a small local business are long gone. To serve the world with our products, we brought our manufacturing sites closer to the key markets.
Today we operate from our offices and manufacturing sites all around the globe.

Copan Group


Copan Italia

Our headquarters. In Brescia, all our star products have been conceived and designed. Here it’s also where these products are manufactured and shipped worldwide, and from where we launch all our global initiatives.

Copan Group


Copan WASP

Copan Wasp is our department dedicated to clinical microbiology lab automation. Copan WASP is the mastermind behind all our innovative automation solutions as WASPLab®, Colibrì™, and UniVerse™.

Copan Group


Copan NewLab

Established in 2012, NewLab is in charge of OEM automation for quality assurance in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Copan Group

USA – California

Copan Diagnostics

It’s the first perfect step of our international expansion. Copan Diagnostics produces and distributes Copan’s products on the United States soil.

Copan Group



Copan Japan takes care of the strategic promotion and distribution of our products in Japan.

Copan Group


Copan Medical

Since 2011 Copan’s gateway to China, Copan Shangai has managed sales and business-to-business projects for the Chinese market.

Copan Group


Copan Australia

Our Australian office supports products distribution in the Oceania region.

Copan Group

USA – Puerto Rico

Copan Industries

This Puerto Rican strategic manufacturing facility aims to strengthen our presence in the Americas.

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Copan Group

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