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Welcome to your dream job

Starting a career at Copan is more than getting a job. It’s a great opportunity to leave your mark on preanalytics, diagnostics and to have an impact on the life of millions of patients, to whom we owe every day a proper diagnosis.

Let’s shape the microbiology of the future together!

We believe that wonderful things happen when people work together for one shared goal. Just imagine what you could do in a place where your personal skills are acknowledged, nurtured, and utilized, where your well-being is cherished and where the world is your home. Are you ready to inspire and get inspired?

Copan Group
Copan Group
Copan Group


A real global impact

Today we operate from our offices and manufacturing sites all around the globe, from our headquarters in Brescia, Italy, to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico and the far east island of Japan. Our collection devices are sold worldwide, and we spread our lab automation solutions in hundreds of laboratories located in more than 43 countries. If you want to expand your horizons and gain international experience, this is the place.

Our locations

In Copan you never stop learning!

Everyone comes to Copan with different backgrounds and knowledge, and we value everyones unique set of expertise. We work strenuously to bring out the best in all of our people, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to drive their own personal growth. To get to know all about Copan products or acquire new skills, we offer basic or in-depth courses, organizing specific events according to the needs of the various sectors.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s always the right fit for Copan!

No matter who you are. At Copan we promote diversity and inclusion so that everyone can feel valued and heard. Here, more than 40 nationalities work in tune. Worth to mention: the average age of Copan’s employees is 35 years, and 70% of them are women!


A great place to work

The goal of Copan’s Welfare initiatives is simply this: to make their employees feel at home. Our employees’ families are our family, and we contribute to their work-life balance during working hours and off the clock, organizing various initiatives to promote their well-being: Yoga classes, free fruit snacks, an internal newspaper, and a listening center. But we dont stop there: at Copan we are good at fun too! Cooking and music challenges, events, and our world-famous parties enthrall all our staff. 

Peter Pan Nursery

Peter Pan is where our children can grow in serenity and security, close to their parents. The nursery is run by Copan’s staff, so our employees can leave their kids in the hand of “colleagues”, within the walls of the company.

Gathering areas

Chatting, having a coffee, quenching your thirst, or nibbling something from the vending machines for drinks and snacks will be a real temptation. In these spaces, you will also find water dispensers and fresh seasonal fruit freely available to all Copan employees.


Italy is in our DNA, and good food is a fundamental part of our well-being. Defining our fantastic restaurants “Lunchrooms” is an understatement! “La cusìna dela rasdòra,” which in Mantuan dialect means “the lady’s kitchen,” where “lady” means the ruler of the house, can be found in all Copan sites. Serves both the production departments and the offices for lunch and dinner, ensuring you’ll never starve!

Green mobility

To move from one place to another, we equipped our plants with bicycles, available to employees and collaborators directly in the appropriate parking lots.


Copan’s Welfare Plan

Since 2017 Copan has strongly wanted a Welfare Plan for its employees, which is currently available through a Platform that allows you to purchase medical services, travel, training courses, gym passes, leisure and free time activities, and download shopping vouchers reimbursements of various kinds. At Copan, payroll specialists can help you get your taxes done, and doctors offer yearly check-ups directly on-site.


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