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WISE approach

Copan’s Workflow-Integrated System Environment – WISE – takes care of your biological samples from their collection to the latest diagnostic platform, offering unbiased diagnostics and improved patient care.

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From preanalytics and beyond

Preanalytics is the first step on the intricate path to a correct diagnosis. Since no cutting-edge analytical platform can retrieve what is lost during poor sample collection, transportation, or processing, sound preanalytics is the key to spotless diagnostics.


Make your lab WISE

That’s why we spent the last 40 years working with healthcare professionals to perfect every step of the preanalytic process. Starting with a simple improvement of a swab, we built a comprehensive solution, a Workflow-Integrated System Environment, that aims to help clinicians provide the best service to patients.

Copan Group

System Environment

A comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses anything from sample collection to data interpretation.

Copan Group


Ingenious solutions that seamlessly integrate into any workflow, ensuring downstream compatibility and improving standardization.

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Copan Group
Copan Group

Four steps toward improved diagnostics

From sampling to interpretation, our WISE approach refines each phase of your sample’s journey.



Copan’s FLOQ® technology answers the need for a more efficient sample collection. The®’ patented arrangement of Nylon® fibers offers superior performance, bringing sampling to the next level.


Preservation and transport

Copan Liquid Based Microbiology™ combines swabs with liquid transport and processing media, transforming challenging specimens into easy-to-process, multi-purpose liquid samples.


Sample processing

A complete automation ecosystem can be paired with our sampling devices to perform specific activities with extreme reliability and minimum effort.


Data interpretation

Advanced software, AI systems, and interpretation algorithms to maximize your lab efficiency and support your diagnostic decisions, improving treatment indication and patient outcomes.


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