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26th Annual Conference of the European Society for Clinical Virology

The Conference will be dedicated to various aspects of clinical virology and comprise presentations, symposia, discussions, and various workshops. It will cover state of the art as well as the most exciting developments in clinical virology.  Meet us at booth #12!



Every two years, the ILMAC industry event is the largest meeting place for the chemical and life science industry in French-speaking Switzerland. This year’s proposition “Inspiring the Future of Chemistry and Life Sciences” wants to encourage the development of new ideas and solutions.
Do not miss the opportunity to see our Cyclone when visiting Copan NewLab’s and IGZ’s booth. See you in Lausanne!


37th IUSTI-Europe Congress

The 37th IUSTI-Europe Congress is an exceptional opportunity for the exchange of scientific ideas, knowledge, and experience among professionals dedicated to sexually transmitted diseases and genital dermatology from across Europe and World. IUSTI is the greatest annual STI event in Europe, taking into account many different aspects of various STIs, HIV infection/AIDS, and genital dermatoses in one place.Copan will be there with our STI-dedicated products, and we are looking forward to meeting you at our booth!


XVII Baltic Congress of Laboratory Medicine

This Congress will bring together experts, researchers, and professionals from the laboratory medicine field, offering a platform for the exchange of knowledge, latest advancements, and best practices.
Copan will attend for the first time with our own booth, because we strongly believe in the Baltic countries as an important market to be further explored. Pass along to say hello and to discover our cutting-edge products!


2024 AOGIN – Asia-Oceania Research Organisation in Genital Infection and Neoplasia

This year’s topic is “Empowering Women, together against Cervical Cancer”, which is one of the biggest challenges of our time, combining women empowerment and genital infections. Copan has always been in the first line in fighting against STI diseases; therefore, we will attend the congress displaying our high-quality, STI-related products.


Australian Society for Microbiology Annual National Meeting

The ASM annual meeting is the premier conference on microbiology in Australia, bringing together a diverse group of scientists, clinical researchers and other professionals to discuss the latest advances in microbiology. The meeting features an outstanding range of plenary lectures and symposium sessions, as well as extensive opportunities for networking.
Pass by, Copan and Interpath will welcome you at our shared booth!


SEIMC – XXVII Congreso Nacional Sociedad Española de Enfermedades Infecciosas y Microbiología Clínica

This Congress is one of the most important events in Spain for infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. Come and visit us at our distributor Werfen’s booth, where you can see our UniVerse running!


Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Congress: Asia

The microbiome has gained increased attention for being recognized as a promising avenue to enhance human health. Researchers and industry players collaborate to bring microbiome discoveries to the market. This establishes the microbiome as a significant force in science and medicine, essential for future interventions. Come and discover Copan’s solutions for microbiome analysis at our booth!


34th ECCMID – European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

The European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases is an invaluable event for any microbiologist eager to share their research, connect with global experts, and engage in discussions that will shape the future of clinical microbiology. To us, it has always been the best opportunity to showcase our latest releases, meet our partners, and establish new, meaningful connections. Join us in Barcelona, visit our booth and come to our sundowner symposium.

Discover all the details on our landing page!


LabDays 2024

The main laboratory industry’s leading suppliers will welcome you to LabDays Stockholm 2024, the biggest event of the year for the Swedish laboratory industry. Among them, Copan is eager to display Cyclone laboratory equipment. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth!



For more than five decades, the world’s leading trade fair Analytica has been displaying innovative laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology. As one of the most important meeting places for the sector, it brings together a complete range of topics for laboratories in industry and research.
Visit us and discover how our Cyclone can enhance your company’s potential!


CBS 2024

13th International Conference of Clinical Laboratory Automation (Cherry Blossom Symposium)

Initiated in Japan in 1998, the biennial symposium serves as an academic forum for exchanging cutting-edge knowledge and technological advancements in laboratory medicine. While Japan and Korea have primarily spearheaded the organization of the event, Cherry Blossom Symposium has grown into a significant global conference in the realm of laboratory automation, attracting participants from around the world.
CBS 2024 will center on the theme “The Next Generation of Clinical Laboratory Automation,” presenting a comprehensive program showcasing the latest research in clinical laboratory automation. Furthermore, the symposium is committed to disseminating crucial knowledge in this field.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Seoul



International Multidisciplinary HPV Congress of EUropean Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia

Save the date and join us for another remarkable event as EUROGIN and its partners continue to advance the field of HPV research and cancer prevention. Started in 1993 as a conference where scientific progress and clinical practice converge, EUROGIN shares translational research with an international scientific community aiming at accelerating the reduction of the burden of HPV-related cancers and their mortality.
In cooperation with a highly recognized research groups, the EUROGIN 2024 conference draws up an inventory of recent scientific research to provide healthcare workers and decision-makers with a comprehensive strategy to fight diseases related to human papillomavirus.
The conference focuses on translating scientific and evidence-based research into clinical practice.
At the booth, you’ll have the chance to discover our solutions for HPV screening and our approach to self-collection as a method to increase testing rates in women.



The Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology

Meet us at the JSCM Expo 2024, where we will be displaying the WASP automated machine and our LBM (Liquid-Based Microbiology) products!



Medlab Middle East 2024

Experience the science of medical laboratories at the world’s only multi-disciplinary congress, the  place to be for medical professionals and companies! Visit us at booth Z5.E20 to discover Copan’s products and philosophy.


RICAI 2023

Réunion interdisciplinaire de chimiothérapie anti-infectieuse.

The 43rd RICAI is approaching with many new things. The meeting will offer five interactive sessions on current advancements in anti-infective therapies and technological innovations related to antimicrobial resistance. Moreover, interviews with the speakers of the key sessions of the congress will be produced and broadcast on ACAI social media. See you there! We will be there to finally meet you in person and show you our sample collection devices and UniVerse®, our latest solution for molecular biology sample preparation.


PEC Pharma Microbiology Congress 2023

The Pharma Microbiology Congress is the European annual meeting point of professionals involved in the sterile manufacturing of medicinal products and medical device. A full immersion on the latest regulatory updates, new technologies for the detection and containment of contamination, best practice and strategies to improve the sterility assurance of the manufacturing and control of sterile medicines. Professionals belonging to different areas of expertise (Production, Engineering, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, R&D, Maintenance) will get together to share and discuss the hottest topics with experts coming from Regulatory Bodies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Consultancy, Associations and New Technologies providers. Visit Copan at booth #13!


MICROBIOME: from benchtop to bedside

The Clinical Biology Department of the UZ Brussel organises the symposium ‘Microbiome: from benchtop to bedside’ to learn about the latest microbiome discoveries and novel research trends, as well as to foster collaboration among clinicians, researchers, and the industry. Discover our microbiome sample collection products at our booth and don’t miss our talk!


IUSTI EUROPE – International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections

In 2023 IUSTI Europe celebrates its 100 years and all the IUSTI family to Malta is invited to commemorate this important anniversary. The Scientific Program will deal with all aspects of STIs and clinical issues. Furthermore, this year it will also aim at discussing health policies to improve the sexual health outcomes of socially disadvantaged groups: those who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised, the homeless and transient, chronically mentally ill, high school dropouts, criminal offenders, sex workers, juvenile delinquents, gang members, runaways and other street people.
Copan has a wide range of products that can support in such difficult situations and we will be display them at the exhibit. Come and visit us!


GISCi – Convegno Gruppo Italiano Screening del Cervicocarcinoma

Il Gruppo Italiano Screening del Cervicocarcinoma (GISCi ) è una associazione senza scopi di lucro che promuove la diffusione e miglioramento della qualità dell’ attività di screening organizzato del “carcinoma della cervice uterina”. Obiettivi principali del GISCi sono: promuovere i contatti tra i programmi di screening esistenti in Italia; favorire il confronto multidisciplinare tra i vari professionisti ed operatori coinvolti nel percorso di screening; promuovere la qualità dei programmi nonché sostenere e stimolare l’innovazione e la ricerca nel settore. Punto saliente per la valutazione del raggiungimento di tali obiettivi è il Convegno Nazionale annuale che quest’anno si terrà a Milano dal 26 al 27 Ottobre.
Sarà un’occasione di confronto per quanti coinvolti nei programmi di screening organizzato nel verificare i risultati raggiunti, i programmi di recupero dopo il rallentamento dell’attività legato alla pandemia COVID, il grado di implementazione nell’attuazione del Programma Nazionale di Prevenzione per quanto attiene, nello specifico l’attività della Associazione.