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Molecular assays have, in some instances, replaced traditional testing methods, and they are now an integral part of infectious diseases screening, diagnosis, and management.

From PCR to Next-Gen Sequencing

Going molecular

The recent advances in molecular technologies have stimulated research and progress in almost all the disciplines of life science, including clinical microbiology. As these technologies became available, molecular biology allowed clinicians to generate information more quickly and precisely than ever before. RT-PCR, Next-Gen-Sequencing, cloning, and mutagenesis are just some of the most notorious methodologies available today to clinicians and researchers to discover primeval biological mechanisms or help humanity to fight future health threats.


The importance of a proper sample collection

Even the most advanced molecular biology analyses are preceded – and thus affected – by sample collection. Copan gives to molecular biology the sample collection and processing it deserves.



Specimen Collection and Preservation Optimized for Molecular and Culture Applications

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Universal Transport Medium® for collection, transport, and preservation of viruses

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SELF Lollisponge™

The sponge-made device for saliva collection

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Nucleic acid collection and preservation medium

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Collection, Transport & Preservation System of Feces and Rectal Swabs for Enteric Pathogens

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Innovative sponge system for urine collection

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Flexible and open solution for molecular testing sample preparation

With its workflow integration, safety, and traceability features UniVerse™ automates samples’ preparation for molecular testing. It manages tube decapping and recapping, barcode identification, and liquid transfer to secondary tubes or 96-well plates. With its four operational modes, UniVerse™ is a turning point in molecular biology laboratory evolution.

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