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Futura Invent

Over the decades, Copan has developed a multitude of proficiencies in the microbiology-technology-business mix. Add our sense for innovation to it and you’ll get Futura Invent, our idea of business incubation and acceleration!

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Futuristic nursery

Futura Invent presents itself to develop business ventures arising from an innovative idea that can be quickly transformed into a marketable and salable product.

The first step to success is undoubtedly a brilliant insight; then, the project needs determination and capital.

Trust in our expertise and ensure a solid future for your startup!


Fields to be explored

Applied hi-tech, healthcare and research

By joining the Futura Invent program, you will get in touch with experts and professionals that work daily on the field and truly understand the challenges of getting things done.

Microbiology, Genetics, Healthcare services, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Venture Capital are the areas in which our proficiency could prove invaluable for your initiative.


The plan

The first step that needs to be taken is feasibility. After that gets established, we will create a group of dedicated experts and select the right investors to make your vision come to life.

Start by visiting the dedicated website!


We consider the project, bringing to light the true potential of your idea.

Team gathering

We put together a team of experts and entrepreneurs competent in sectors complementary to the project.


We proceed with the identification of one or more dominus of the initiative.


We involve the young talents of Copan Group eager to start and wishing to invest part of their free time in the initiative.

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