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The FLOQ® technology answers the healthcare professionals’ need for a more efficient sample collection. The FLOQ® patented arrangement of Nylon® fibers offers superior performance, bringing sampling to the next level.

The conception

How it changed preanalytics

Copan’s former CEO, Daniele Triva, conceived the FLOQ® technology after looking at the flocked surface of some clothes hangers. What a breakthrough moment! In 2003 – shortly after this stroke of genius – we released the first swab using the FLOQ® technology, revolutionizing the preanalytical world.


Superior performance

Preanalytics turning point

The main feature of our patented FLOQ® technology is the application of short perpendicular Nylon® fibers to the swab tip. Unlike other swab technologies, this ensures a quick, capillarity-driven sample uptake and thanks to the absence of a disorganized fiber structure trapping the sample, an efficient elution of the biological specimen.


The flocked mark

Follow the FLOQ®!

This flocked circle identifies all the products where our patented FLOQ® technology is used – for example, all the transport media that can be paired with FLOQSwabs®! Look for the mark in all our printed material and online content!


Better sampling for spotless diagnostics

Many are the reasons why our FLOQ® technology has become the gold standard for biological sampling.


Optimal adsorption and release

FLOQ® thin absorbent layers allows rapid adsorption and ensures a fast and complete sample elution.



The FLOQ® technology is flexible, compatible with many sample types and downstream assays, while also being adaptable to countless fields of application.



Start with a proper collected sample and end with the most accurate results!


From FLOQ® to WASP™

The FLOQ® technology introduced the Liquid-Based Microbiology™ concept, opening the possibility to automate sample processing.

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Nasopharyngeal Collection with FLOQSwabs® and UTM®

A proper nasopharyngeal specimen sampling is crucial for a correct diagnosis of respiratory tract infections, including COVID-19. To help the collection of SARS-CoV-2 in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines, we created this how-to educational video.

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