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ECCMID 2022 – Meet Copan’s WISE approach!

It was a pleasure to meet you there

The first in-person ECCMID of the last three years has been an event dense with meetings and science: thanks to all the people who visited our booth!
We hope you had a great time speaking with Copan’s people and got enthralled by our ingenious sample collection solutions and cutting edge-lab automation: in other words, our WISE approach!


Four decades of innovation and collaboration with healthcare professionals allowed us to conceive a complete ecosystem that seamlessly integrates into any workflow, taking care of biological samples from their collection to the latest diagnostic platforms. That’s not big news, but today our comprehensive approach finally got a name:
WISE – Workflow-Integrated System Environment

Copan Group
Copan Group
Copan Group

Copan sponsored Integrated Lunch Symposia

Sample self-collection, a lesson gained during the COVID pandemic

During Copan’s ECCMID integrated symposium, four distinguished speakers updated the audience on the advances, achievements, and future trends of sample self-collection in different fields (STIs, HPV, respiratory infections, genetics, serology).

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Copan Winter Tour 2022

Make your lab WISE!

Last winter, we traveled across Europe to visit four microbiology labs and gather first-hand experiences and future perspectives on lab automation.
Listen here to our interviews with microbiology experts, clinicians, and lab technicians to understand how switching to a WISE lab revolutionized their daily activities!

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