9-12 July 2021: ECCMID is approaching! Although we cannot meet in person, ECCMID is the event we are looking forward to, as it’s the main occasion to gather with our clients and collaborators and an excellent chance to share the latest findings and developments in microbiology.

To sum up last year’s hectic activity, we arranged for ECCMID 2021 some events you’ll surely find interesting.

First, save the date: July 9, 13.15 (CET). Dr. Paolo Gaibani, PhD, from the Operative Unit of Clinical Microbiology at Sant’Orsola Malpighi Hospital, Bologna, Italy, will hold an Integrated Symposium entitled “The challenges of managing the COVID-19 pandemic from preanalytics to diagnosis“. Dr. Gaibani will explore how lab automation has helped molecular biology labs face the increasing volumes of samples received during the pandemic. Specifically, the speech will discuss the automated handling of COVID-19 samples by our UniVerse™ in a routine workflow of a clinical microbiology lab.

Professor David Hawkes, PhD – Director of Molecular Microbiology at VCS Foundation Ltd, Victoria, Australia – will chair the talk, discussing how COVID-19-induced advances in molecular testing, including UniVerse™, can be retasked to other uses. The primary example is HPV testing, as ~1.5 billion HPV tests are projected to be undertaken worldwide in the next five years due to the WHO’s call to eliminate Cervical Cancer.

The second event is a Flash Session – already accessible on ECCMID’s platform – entitled “Listening to the needs of healthcare professionals: Copan’s innovative approach to the pandemic.” Here, Mario Savarese, Cristiano Sabelli, and Stefania Triva – CEO & CSO of Copan Wasp, Scientific Affairs Manager at Copan Italia, and President and CEO of Copan Italia, respectively – will go into detail on our latest projects, such as the release of UniVerse™, LolliSponge™, and our recent rebranding.

Of course, you can’t miss our virtual booth: our team of experts will be available to listen to your needs and discuss how we can help you in your daily activity!

All you need to do is to visit the ECCMID 2021 website, register for the event, and download your virtual ticket: see you there!