Microbiology time

Here we are with the second edition of our Microbiology Time News! Among the many studies published in the last month and inserted in our database, the following are our top picks:

• A study using our MycoTB™ for processing extrapulmonary specimens for the detection of Mycobacteria. Bisognin et al. compared the performance of MycoTB™ with MycoPrep for Mycobacteria detection, culture contamination, and suitability for molecular assay. The contamination rate of samples processed with MycoTB™ resulted in being much lower, with no invalid results and greater digestion and decontamination activity.

An alternative diagnostic test that detects proteolytically digested SARSCoV-2 proteins using Mass Spectrometry. . The authors also established a new consortium, CovMS, comprising 15 academic laboratories and several industrial partners to increase the applicability, accessibility, sensitivity, and robustness of SARS-CoV-2 detection by Mass Spectrometry.

• Last, a paper describing how saliva sampling with LolliSponge has helped the SARS-CoV-2 weekly surveillance in a small business company. This allowed the early detection of two COVID-19 cases and the rapid application of control measures.

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