Microbiology time

October: it’s time to get a warm blanket out and read some brand new scientific studies! If you don’t have time to browse our website’s vast database, we picked here the top three studies of the month.

  • The first study measured HPV early promoter and L1 gene methylation in rectal carcinoma patients’ anal cells to determine potential biomarkers for HPV-related anal cancer. Chaiwongkot et al. divided patients into different groups – based on the intraepithelial neoplasia degree – and compared the gene methylation levels between the groups and controls. The results indicated a correlation between early promoter/L1 gene methylation and the severity of the neoplasia, suggesting the potential use of methylation as a biomarker for HPV-related cancer screening.
  • Loockerman and colleagues investigated the efficacy of direct amplification of disaster victim identification samples using microFLOQ® Direct swabs and the QIAGEN Investigator QS GO! Kit, comparing this direct procedure with traditional methods. Traditional and direct PCR methods were comparable up to day 10 of decomposition and for up to 3 months of storage at room temperature, indicating that microFLOQ® Direct swabs in conjunction with the Investigator 24Plex GO! Kit can facilitate rapid direct processing of DNA from decomposing human remains, streamlining the identification process and reduce costs.
  • The third study aimed to evaluate diagnostic SARS-CoV-2 yield across saliva, nasal and oral swabs, using standard viral transport media versus eNAT with a point-of-care diagnostic assay – Xpert Xpress SARS- CoV-2. The results showed eNAT overall superior sensitivity compared to standard viral transport media; moreover, direct saliva was even significantly more sensitive than oral swabs and nasal swabs in both VTM and eNAT. Saliva and eNAT both increased the detection of  SARS-CoV-2, suggesting that they can enhance safe and sensitive detection of COVID-19 using point-of-care Gen-eXpert instruments.

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