Scientific and Educational Role

COPAN Italia served as a catalyst. Our day-to-day cooperation with Microbiologists and the effort in assessing the community’s needs would remodel the definition of the pre-analytic. Taking account of the key role of pre-analytic devices in patient’s care, and the improperly collected specimen leading possibly to inaccurate diagnosis, we transferred the COPAN based expertise to manufacture high-quality products. Yet, we don’t merely design, produce devices and send them over. There is nothing so useless than the best products over to an uninformed individual. For this reason, the very first step is making sure we deliver the correct product for its intended use. Once this framework is established, we provide free instructional guides, videos, and advice for our customers to ensure their proper know-how while using our products. Taking note of these differences in the details of our products and services, as well as how they are used is important to ensure we’re consistently crafting the right experience for our customers and clients. This makes COPAN unique as compared to other businesses in our industry. The notion of a first-class brand is generated around these differentiators making our company that different than the next.
COPAN Flock Technologies (merged with COPAN Italia in Nov. 2019): What part do we play in science education? Can our expertise, experience, and proficiency improve life? Firmly and virtuously, COPAN says ‘’yes”. We are committed to the patient’s care to the fullest. Feeling the pressure on our heels, we have forged a strong partnership with the scientific community in order to support research, educational and collaborative initiatives. COPAN NewLab: Innovation springs from personal interaction. This is the assumption driving our collaboration with end-users both in pre- and post-development stages. With the rightful use of these partnerships, we improve our products and meet our customer’s needs. In addition, NewLab Engineering was set in motion to play-act in either scientific studies or publications.