What if we replace an agar media glass bottle with a plastic shell?

This is the question we asked ourselves a few months ago, and now, we have the answer – introducing the new MediaBag™!

Our team at Newlab has designed this innovative product combining the ease of use of bottled media with many other advantages. First, the plastic bag used in MediaBag™ is much lighter than a glass bottle, which helps reduce shipment costs. Second, it is smaller and squeezable, optimizing storage space and reducing waste. Third, its processing is quick and safe and avoids hazardous touchpoints.

Ready-to-use and automation-friendly

MediaBag™ keeps unaltered the intrinsic advantages of a ready-to-use medium: no tedious preparation that involves hazardous touchpoints, easy adoption, and a shelf life of 6 months from 2 to 8°C.

Of course, all the MediaBag™ products are tested following ISO 11133 as a guideline and are fully compatible with Cyclone, Copan Newlab’s solution to automate your industry microbiological analysis workflow. By pairing it with MediaBag™, you truly make plate preparation an effortless task.


MediaBag™ is already in stock, prefilled with many agar media to fit your laboratory workflow; all the various media are available in 0.5 and 1 L formats.

Discover more on the dedicated brochure or by contacting our experts!