Just-in news! The use of nasopharyngeal and nasal specimens collected with Copan FLOQSwabs® and preserved with Copan eNAT® – Molecular Collection and Preservation Medium – has been validated with the new Cepheid Xpert Xpress CoV-2/Flu/RSV plus assay for the simultaneous detection of SARS-CoV-2, FLU A & B, and RSV.

Cepheid Inc.’s assay enables to perform a highly sensitive multiplexed test that detects and differentiates all four viruses in one single sample, and its combination with the best-in-class FLOQSwabs® and eNAT® collection devices is its cherry on top. While FLOQSwabs® ensure a quick, capillarity-driven sample uptake and a superior elution of the biological specimen, eNAT® lyses cell membranes and denatures nucleases, inactivating microbial viability within 30 minutes and preserving nucleic acids integrity. This translates into a high-quality, unbiased nucleic acid yield and safe specimen handling, processing, and transport.

The number of platforms and assays that validated sample collection with our eNAT® is constantly growing. Now, over 35,000 laboratories equipped with the Cepheid’s GeneXpert® platform join the thousands of labs worldwide that already benefit from eNAT® increased operator safety and improved workflow efficiency.

eNAT® validated codes – REF 6U072S, REF 6U073S01 and REF 6U074S01 – are CE-IVD marked and FDA 510k cleared.

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