Copan took the chance of the first in-person ECCMID of the last two years to give a name to its holistic approach to preanalytics. From sample collection to image analysis and data interpretation, meet Copan’s WISE approach, which brings any sample to improved diagnostics.

Preanalytics – sample collection, processing, and other activities that make samples analyzable by diagnostics platforms – is one of the first steps of the intricate path to a correct diagnosis. Thus, all subsequent analyses rely on sound preanalytics, as no cutting-edge diagnostic platform can retrieve what is lost during poor sample collection, transportation, or processing.

Since its beginnings, Copan has worked around the clock to conceive a complete ecosystem taking care of biological samples from their collection site to the latest diagnostic platform. As a result, Copan is nowadays the only company offering a whole preanalytics solution covering sample collection, transport and processing, image analysis, and interpretation.

That’s not fresh news, but last April’s ECCMID – the first in-person show after two years of online events – has been the occasion to give this comprehensive approach a name:

WISEWorkflow-Integrated System Environment

System Environment, since Copan’s comprehensive ecosystem encompasses anything from sample collection to data interpretation.

Workflow-Integrated, as Copan solutions seamlessly integrate into any workflow, ensuring downstream compatibility and improving standardization.

Copan presented this new concept with a dedicated video, highlighting sample self-collection and lab automation as the two main focuses of this approach.

Self-collection fits perfectly into the WISE approach – as the development of safe and reliable devices could allow sampling to be performed by anyone, anywhere – while Copan’s complete automation ecosystem can be paired with sampling devices and diagnostic platforms to offer effortless sample handling, high-sensitivity image analysis, and error-free data interpretation.

The WISE approach will be the pivotal point of Copan’s communication in the near future, with which the company wants to highlight its 40-years research aimed to perfect each step of the preanalytic process, offering laboratories unbiased diagnostics and improving patient care.

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