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European Academy of Forensic Science Conference – EAFS

Together for a Safer World: this is the motto of the 2022 EAFS conference, chosen to emphasize the importance of cooperation to meet future expectations of the forensic community. The event will focus on the transformation of forensic science due to new technical possibilities, developments in forensic science, and new categories of crime. Our 4N6 collection devices – designed to respond to the need for a flawless sample collection and reduced DNA testing time – fit nicely with this year’s rationale. Come to meet them at our booth!


World Of Microbiome

This year, the WOM program is based on three learning and networking zones to advance research, understanding & application in the world of microbiome by fostering collaboration among clinicians, researchers, and the industry. These zones are the mother and newborn microbiome, the digestive tract and metabolism microbiome, and the oral cavity microbiome.


32nd ECCMID – European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

The main event of the year! ECCMID brings together experts from many fields to present their latest findings, guidelines, and experiences to an audience of over 14,000 colleagues. The scientific program includes Keynote Lectures and Oral Sessions, Educational Workshops, Open Forums, Meet-The-Expert Sessions, and a wide range of Scientific Symposia. We are arranging great things for the occasion, including an Integrated Lunch Symposia – Saturday, April 23rd, from 12:15 to 13:15 – talking about self-collection experiences in different fields.


EUROGIN 2022 – International multidisciplinary HPV congress

We urgently need to recover from the losses in cervical cancer screening and treatment and HPV vaccination rates that we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic; EUROGIN is the opportunity to meet in person to share ideas on the ambitious goal of eliminating cervical cancer. At the booth, you’ll have the chance to discover our solutions for HPV screening and our approach to self-collection as a method to increase testing rates in women.


IBMS Congress

Delivering science, celebrating achievement

The COVID-19 pandemic has put science and scientists center stage in a way rarely seen. Being IBMS’s most important event for developing professional skills and knowledge, 2022’s Congress will truly celebrate science in all its variety, influence, potential, and impact on society. We, Copan people, are trembling to contribute to this event: we’ll be present there to display our patented technologies, our Liquid-Based Microbiology media, and lab automation. This year will be a great chance to learn more about UniVerse®, our solution designed to bring efficiency, standardization, and safety in the service of thousands of molecular biology laboratories worldwide. But that’s not all: in the dedicated executive suite 7 we’ll go deeper into sharing knowledge and communicating science: Stay tuned to discover what we arranged!


Medlab Middle East

For the expected, unexpected, and everything in between

Medlab is the key event to unite Middle East healthcare and medical laboratory community and is the right place to discover innovative products, trending technology, and build infinite networking opportunities. This year we’ll be there in person: discover our FLOQ technology – which revolutionized sample collection – and see first-hand our Liquid-Based Microbiology media, today the gold standard in microbiological sampling. Moreover, it will be a great chance to learn more about UniVerse®, our solution designed to bring efficiency, standardization, and safety in the service of thousands of molecular biology laboratories worldwide.


RICAI 2021

Réunion interdisciplinaire de chimiothérapie anti-infectieuse.

After the digital edition of 2020, the 2021 edition will be an opportunity to share live the experiences we learned from the pandemic and get to know new therapeutics and diagnostics solutions for infectious pathologies. We will be there, to finally meet you in person and show you our sample collection devices and UniVerse®, our latest solution for molecular biology sample preparation.


Microbiome Connect: Europe

Highlighting the Latest Clinical Research and Innovation in the Gut, Oral and Skin Microbiome


GISCI – Gruppo Italiano Screening del Cervicocarcinoma

20Primary HPV screening is now active in most Italian regions. Some programs have already invited clients to rounds
subsequent to the first. The first reflections on the outcomes of the courses and on potential improvements.
The pandemic has hindered the normal path of prevention but they are actions aimed at solving the obstacles themselves have been implemented