Every year, 30 million people worldwide get affected by a Blood Stream Infection, pathologies often caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and characterized by up to 30% mortality. In these patients, reducing the time to diagnosis is not simply a good service, as the rapidity of appropriate treatment initiation may decrease their short-term mortality.

Thus, any slight improvement in the complex and multitasked workflow that interposes between a blood sample collection and diagnosis can be life-saving.

Radian is the integrated module of our Full Lab Automation ecosystem that already eases healthcare professionals’ AST tasks by automating antibiotic disks application on WASPLab™ streaked plates followed by automated incubation, digital imaging, and interpretation to derive antibiotic susceptibility results.

Today, we push Radian even further: meet Radian BC.

Like no other AST automation available today, Radian BC guarantees the shortest 4 hours incubation time for positive blood culture samples. By reducing the incubation time for Blood Stream Infection patients to a quarter, Radian BC ensures to specialists unparalleled rapid diagnostic assessment, directing each patient towards an early intervention with a targeted antimicrobial therapy. Learn more on the dedicated page: