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Radian® is the WASPLab® module dedicated to the full automation and interpretation of Disk Diffusion Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing.

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Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

Clinical Automation Brochure
Copan Group - Radian®
Digital Microbiology
Copan Group - Radian®
Copan Group - Radian®
Top Scientific Studies

Automating the
AST gold-standard method

Disk diffusion is the only Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing that provides a true image of bacterial growth, enabling microbiologists to detect culture purity, heterogeneous growth or colony morphology, as well as antibiotic interactions, to adapt antimicrobial treatment more rapidly.​ With Radian®, you can have your cake and eat it too. Automation gets rid of the disadvantages linked to manual Disk Diffusion while maintaining at the same time its original advantages.

Copan Group

Hardware and Software Teamwork

Copan Group

Antibiotic Disk Dispensing

Radian® In-Line Carousel

Making use of the benefits of the WASP®, Radian® In-Line Carousel manages the flexible disk* disposition on the plate.

Copan Group

Halo Interpretation

Radian™ Expert System

Harnessing our Digital Microbiology approach, Radian® Expert System brings S/I/R interpretation right in your hands.

Think integrated

Automations empowering each other

Combined with the other modules, Radian® pushes the boundaries of clinical microbiology automation, helping clinicians take rapid therapeutic decisions.

Colibrí™ prepares the AST tube**, WASP® streaks with the fitting pattern, and WASPLab® imaging system and algorithms make possible the Expert Interpretation.


For faster and meaningful results

Efficiency, scalability, cost-saving, TAT reduction, resource optimization: the transition to an automated lab is a radical step that will change your whole perspective on the future of your lab.

There is no top-grade laboratory without a plan for automatization.



Radian® In-Line Carousel receives plates dedicated to AST disk dispensing on a parallel conveyor, without compromising the throughput of WASP® and WASPLab®.


Like a whole antibiotic library

Radian® In-Line Carousel allows high disk dispensing flexibility thanks to its 50 positions ATB wheel and its 1 to 8 disk deposit protocols, assuring high quality and standardization.


Customizable and user friendly

Through the easy and intuitive graphic interface, the operator can report fast and consult the data readily, and autonomously customise Radian® Expert System.


Dive into the data

The integration of WASPLab® WebApp, Radian®, and LIS maximizes data traceability and management and helps supporting everyday routines, as well as epidemiological studies.

R-AST for Blood Cultures

Integrating Rapid AST Rules into the automated workflow, Radian® will get you the best indications for patient therapy in a way shorter time: Rapid Rules consider incubations down to 4h long!

Imagine how strong the benefit of the optimization of the patient care will be, but also on the institution in terms of human labour and cost savings.

Copan Group
Digital plate recorded by WASPLab® imaging station at 4h incubation time

The two workflows

Get an idea of how the Radian® In-Line Carousel and Radian® Expert System integrate with your laboratory routine.
Swipe through the Traditional AST workflow and the Rapid Blood Culture workflow**.

The WASPLab® Ecosystem

Build up your Full Lab Automation dream! Module by module you can scale up quality, productivity, and medical value.

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Copan Group - Radian®

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