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Copan Group

Clinical Field

Lab consumables

A variety of high-quality lab consumables to meet laboratories’ everyday needs

We offer a wide range of transfer pipets, loops, spreaders, tubes, caps, and droppers meeting the highest quality standards. Since we produce them with our in-house technology, we can easily customize them upon customer’s request.

Copan Group

Liquid transfer


Disposable plastic Pasteur pipets are an essential product widely used by hospitals, research and industrial laboratories during diagnostic testing or analytical research.

– High-quality Non-toxic plastics
– Heat-sealable and freezable
– Wide range of standard and special sizes
– Sterile pipets available in either sterile or non-sterile format, in single or multiple peel-pouch formats.

Copan Group


Loops & Spreaders

Needles, spreaders, and inoculating loops fitting a multitude of different tasks.

– Lubricants, Oils, and Electrostatic Charges free
– Certified calibration
– Hexagonal Loop Shaft for Easy Handling
– Evans Blue Dye accuracy certification

Copan Group

Sample handling


A wide selection of plastic tubes for specimen transport and storage. Our tubes can be customized upon the user’s request to fit multiple requirements and can be combined with a selection of caps.

Copan Group

Sample preparation systems


A complete array of custom engineered simple, compact, self-contained and ready-to-use sample preparation systems for Rapid Point of Collection Assays.

– Pre filled
– Ideal for single-shot testing
– No need for additional sample supplies

PNR™ Caps

Pierce-able and Re-Sealable

The PNR™ cap* revolutionizes specimen management by eliminating time-consuming de-capping, re-capping, and repetitive stress injuries. Also, the re-sealable feature ensures that specimens are immediately reclosed, eliminating the need to do it manually and avoiding potential contamination from tubes being open for prolonged periods of time.

*Product under development

PNR™ Features

By eliminating the need to cap and recap samples, the PNR™ offers many advantages.


Designed for automatic pipettors

When used with an automatic pipettor, the PNR™ cap, enables tube’s automatic opening, sampling, and leakproof reclose.


Unique duck bill valve

The unique design of the valve creates multiple micro-vents that immediately eliminate the risk of vacuum or positive pressure upon piercing.


Multiple sizes

PNR™ caps are available in 16mm, 12mm and 10mm sizes.


Load and walk away

The PNR™ caps reduce the risk of repetitive stress disorders.

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