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All-in-one-incubation and reading

PharmaLab™ is the fully automated platform that takes care of the whole quality control process for the pharmaceutical industry. From plate handling to incubation, from image analysis to reporting.

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We do the counts, you do what counts

PharmaLab™ AI-based image analysis system detects growth as soon as it appears. Its full compatibility with any LIMS environment allows full, automatic, and digital traceability from the sample incoming to the final result. The automatic storage of results ensures full data integrity, supporting you through any audit trail. All these features streamline your environmental control and save time from non-added value tasks.

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Image analysis

How it happens

With a worldwide install base of over 1000 automations through clinical, food and forensics, we are now breaking the ground for the pharma. Image analysis is the spearhead of our technology, boasting a top-quality image acquisition. Combined with our differential time software it can detect and evaluate pinpoint colonies 0,2 mm2 small.



PharmaLab™ digital technology will make your environmental control safer and faster.


Automate your workflow

By delegating your routine to PharmaLab™, you will be able to lower any risk connected with human error and reduce your staff workload, enhancing the quality of your data in a lab running 24/7


Data integrity

Compliant with 21 CFR pt. 11, PharmaLab™ keeps track of every action taken with no chance to manipulate or interfere. In addition, its software is flexible to be adapted and connected to any LIMS provider, ensuring complete data traceability, integration with the laboratory network, and worry-free inspections and audits


Operational savings

The image analysis system can detect colonies after just 22 hours, significantly reducing the time to reaction. Along with this, PharmaLab™ eliminates the need for a double check of plates


Digital efficiency

Enjoy the automatic colony count and detection. Turn, pinch, flip, reverse, and light up pictures. Scroll backward and forward through growth phases. PharmaLab™ accurate software brings your lab unparalleled efficiency and sensitivity


Open and modular platform

PharmaLab™ is fully compatible with any brand and type of plates. Based on your requirements, Copan specialists can quickly size the number of incubators to cover the daily laboratory workload

Load the plates and get back for validation

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PharmaLab™ is a fully automated platform that takes care of the whole process from handling to incubation, from image analysis to reading. It is compatible with any kind of Environmental Monitoring, Bioburden, Utilities and Micro QC samples. This allows for colony growth, detection, enumeration and sorting of plates.

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