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Scientific study

Evaluation of the Colibrí from Copan for automated MALDI-TOF spotting

E. Zarate et al.

Scientific study

Evaluation Of Automated MALDI – TOF Target Plate Preparation

My-Lien Pham et al.

Scientific study

Validation of the Colibrí Instrument for Automated Preparation of MALDI-TOF MS Targets for Yeast Identification

Robbe Heestermans et al.

Scientific Study

Colibrí® and Bruker MALDI-TOF: does the identification performance change when different chromogenic media are used for urine culture?

Michela Paolucci, Laura Navarria, Santina Castriciano


Comparison of WASP® and WASPLab® and InoqulA™ for Primary Specimens Streaking Quality

Marion Jetter, Martina Marchesi, Michael Hombach, Peter M. Keller