Copan Wasp’s approach to digitalization

Making sense of digital data

WASPLab® automation ecosystem includes several modules designed to perform specific activities with extreme reliability and minimum effort.

Our software, AI systems, and interpretation algorithms help clinicians to make the most of digital data.

The next step of our digital revolution is to provide clinicians with advanced tools to monitor and optimize processes, aggregate data, connect lab instrumentation, and help with performance benchmarking and epidemiological studies in a continuous intelligent data stream connecting preanalytical and analytical platforms.

Connection without compromise

Introducing MicroHub®

Allowing you to handle patient data, tests, results, and the entire staff workload in real-time, MicroHub® is the new revolutionary way of managing your lab.
We conceived MicroHub® as the perfect tool to integrate mass-operation features and keep the lab’s productivity under control:

  • Integrate all your lab workflows into a single control HUB
  • Gather LIS info and lab results to enhance data accessibility and clarity
  • Cut down on time spent retrieving data from multiple platforms
  • Monitor, organize, and balance your lab activities, resources, and workload
  • Expedite technical and clinical validation


This modern Lab-intelligence Platform is now available: contact us for any information and discover more at the links below!