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The modern Lab Intelligence Platform

There is no plain definition to what MicroHub® is: it connects all the lab automation and software like a middleware, looks like a L.I.S. as it works as an interface with patient, sample, test and workup data, it aggregates and analyzes them like a management platform, and finally it streamlines the validation process like… no other, actually.
Please welcome the real Microbiology Hub.

Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

MicroHub® Brochure
Clinical Automation Brochure
Digital Microbiology

Connection without compromises

MicroHub®* is not the usual “We connect our own automation” software. It is designed to jump right in the middle of your microbiology lab automation environment, bringing every available data together in real-time right into your hands.
One single interface to work with LIS as well as all platforms, workloads, and results, manage the validation phase in a flash.

Connect and collect to a common base

Retrieve all the data

Right now in your lab, patients, samples, tests, and automation are generating a cloud of data that awaits to express its potential. MicroHub® integrates with LIS and all the other digitally connected automated systems, and can gather information ranging from patient anagraphics, to test results, plate and tubes id, automation processing status, and obviously intermediate outcomes. Basically anything that gets recorded.



We said any perspective

Think about a lab manager that needs to keep an eye on automation workload, workflow statistics and TAT; or about a technician assigned to a specific task that needs to regroup samples by status and type, and to easily validate all.

The one we prefer though is the patient-centric perspective. The one that lets you look at all the samples collected from your patient, control all the workups (completed and ongoing), and all the validated analysis for that patient.


Don’t just look: act!

MicroHub®* is the perfect tool to keep under control the lab productivity but also boasts a mass-validate tool!

Together with you, we will build the rules for MicroHub® to regroup workups ready for validation, and you’ll just need to click that button.

This will prove invaluable to optimize your staff time!


Make the most of your data

Empower information accessibility and readability, drastically reducing time wasted on recovering informations from multiple platforms!


Avoid wastes

Intercept expensive multiple orders before they are processed, and improve validation speed.


Always connected

MicroHub® includes communication drivers to interact and gather data from most laboratory platforms.


The lab’s best friend

Evaluate, organise, balance laboratory activities, resources and staff.

A new way of thinking Technical and Clinical Validation

Like our top-notch softwares PhenoMATRIX® and Radian® Expert System, MicroHub® leverages Artificial Intelligence principles to fight against repetitive and error-prone tasks. Build your rule set, enjoy MicroHub® bringing up all the tests that match those rules, and then… choose the way you prefer to proceed.

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Serial Validation

In a single page all the info you need to take action: one click to report directly to L.I.S. and pass to the next page.

Copan Group


Build your Custom Expert Rules set to gather all the tests that comply with them, so that with just one click… they all get instantly sent to L.I.S.

Copan Group


Build your Custom Expert Rules set and… forget about it! Everything gets validated automatically right away, as soon as it complies with your conditions!

The WASPLab® Ecosystem

Build up your Full Lab Automation dream! Module by module you can scale up quality, productivity, and medical value.

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