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Clinical Field


For collection, stabilization, processing, transport, and archiving of nucleic acid samples

NUCLEIC-CARD™ is specifically designed to collect, transport, and store human DNA from buccal cells, saliva, blood, etc. Thanks to the unique chemical treatment, NUCLEIC-CARD™ preserves DNA for 20 years at room temperature.

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Cost and time saving

Direct amplification

The lysing treatment on the NUCLEIC-CARD™ allows a direct PCR STR analysis on a small punch of the card, without the need for the extraction step. NUCLEIC-CARD™ are not intended for diagnostic purposes.


Your winning hand

NUCLEIC-CARD™ innovative format features several advantages.


Off-the-shelf products and custom formats

NUCLEIC-CARD™ is available in various off-the-shelf configurations (1,2,4 collection areas), clear or with a color indicator, as well as customizable sizes and layouts.


Automation and cleaning area

NUCLEIC-CARD™ is compatible with CPA200™ and other punching systems.
NUCLEIC-CARD™ includes an area for cleaning strikes while punching with manual or automated punchers.



Every NUCLEIC-CARD™ is identified with a pre-printed barcode.


Forensic DNA grade

ISO 18385:2016 compliance minimizes the risk of detectable human nuclear DNA contamination in products used by the global forensic community.

Into the Line

This product line groups a variety of product codes, each optimized to address specific needs.
Check here the summary of these features and contact us to discover the product code that best suits your need-mix and available in your Country.

Collection Sites

  • Saliva and buccal cells (using Lollipop FLOQSwabs®)
  • Blood

Fields of Application

  • Forensic DNA
  • Database Paternity testing
  • Familiar DNA searching
  • Veterinary
  • Research Use Only


  • 1 spot (indicating and non-indicating)
  • 2 spots (indicating and non-indicating)
  • 4 spots (indicating and non-indicating)
  • 1 spot framed indicating w/cleaning area
  • 1 spot framed
  • Custom layouts

Downstream Application

  • PCR
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Suggested uses table. Please refer to your GLP procedures to choose the most appropriate device. The use of this product in association with diagnostic kits or instrumentation should be internally validated by the user.

Scientific Mentions

Always faithful to our scientific approach, we are eager to hear the proof of the success of our efforts and commitment.

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ISHI 2016

Copan NUCLEIC-CARD™ White and “NUCLEIC-CARD™ COLOR can be used for storing reference samples, for DNA data bank and for judicial court cases in forensic human identification.

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