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Advanced system for collection, transport and preservation of urine

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A practical device

UriSponge™ is intended for the collection, transport and preservation of urine specimens to the testing laboratory. UriSponge™ specimens are processed using the clinical laboratory’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the cultivation of uropathogenic bacteria and yeasts.


Handling and processing

Unique design

Copan UriSponge™ comprises of a screw cap tube containing a plastic applicator stick with two cylindrical sponges. Compliant with CLSI-M40-A2 standards and 510K cleared, UriSponge™ opens up multiple testing possibilities and is compatible with manual or WASP®-automated streaking.



UriSponge™ redefines urine collection, offering unpaired handling easiness and downstream assay’s performance.


High-yield agents

Preservatives are chemically incorporated inside the sponge and they are ready to use. Zero-risk of overgrowth or overkill during transport.


Versatile system

UriSponge™ maintains the microorganisms viability for traditional culture and preserves nucleic acids for molecular assays.


Pratical and reliable collection

Preservatives are chemically bound to the sponge, and are activated on contact with urine. Simply urinate directly onto the sponge applicator or dip it into sample cup, close the container and send it to the lab for analysis.


Optimal viability

UriSponge™ preserves microorganisms viability at refrigerated and room temperature for up to 48 hours.

Into the Line

This product line groups a variety of product codes, each optimized to address specific needs.
Check here the summary of these features and contact us to discover the product code that best suits your need-mix and available in your Country.

Collection Sites

  • Urine

Fields of Application

  • STIs and HPV
  • Multi Drug-Resistant Organisms

Downstream Application

  • Aerobic Culture
  • Anaerobic Culture
  • RT-PCR
Suggested uses table. Please refer to your GLP procedures to choose the most appropriate device.
The use of this product in association with diagnostic kits or instrumentation should be internally validated by the user.

Scientific Mentions

Always faithful to our scientific approach, we are eager to hear the proof of the success of our efforts and commitment.

Browse Studies

Sex Health 2017 – Costa AMG et al.

UriSwab™/Urisponge™ allows transport of urine for CT, NG and MG detection regardless of storage time or temperature, suggesting that CT and NG are stable for up to 16 days and MG up to 10 days.


BMC Public Health 2016 – Smith KS et al.

The home collection kit contained the collection device/s (heterosexual men, UriSwab™/Urisponge™ for urine collection), plus illustrated collection instructions, a laboratory request form, and a prepaid envelope. The collection kit was mailed to the patient in an unmarked package by the research team at 3 months.


International Journal of STD & AIDS 2013 – McNicol J. et al.

Urine specimens (115 samples) were received from sexual health clinics and tested using the Roche Cobas 4800 CT/NG method. The performance of the UriSwab™/Urisponge™ in this trial was comparable with the testing of neat first-catch urine specimens for both C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae.


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UriSponge™ is intended for the collection, transport and preservation of urine specimens. Check in this video how to use it!

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Top Scientific Studies

Scientific study

UriSwab: an effective transport medium for nucleic acid detection of Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma genitalium and Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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