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Clinical Automation


Your first step into microbiology lab automation.

WASP® provides a comprehensive system encompassing all aspects of automated specimen processing*: planting and streaking, microscope slide preparation, enrichment broth inoculation, and preparation of AST plates.

Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

WASP® Brochure
Clinical Automation Brochure
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One phase to
make the difference

From collection and transport to specimen processing. Copan’s liquid-based approach is the key to success in both steps of preanalytics: the first leverages the advantages of the liquid phase by maximizing sample release and transforming solid, semi-solid, and viscous samples into a liquid format. On the other side, WASP® reaches maximum performance by focusing on specific technical features that gain the best from liquid samples.

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Our eSwab® during the barcode reading phase

A world of trust

1000+ WASP® worldwide

From the installation of the first generation to the most recent, we listen and partner with our customers in the microbiology community.

This is what earned us the trust and reliance of hundreds of laboratories around the world.



Let WASP® be your best support for automatic bacteriology sample preparation.

Utilising industry best practices, and more than 10 years of market presence, it works in synergy with technologists that can be free to attend more pressing tasks: culture interpretation.


Continuous loading

Avoid workflow disruptions through continuous and random loading: the system will communicate with LIS to discriminate the correct workup and complete it without any other interaction.


End to end traceability

Enjoy full traceability of samples* and downstream workups like plates, microscope slides, and broths thanks to LIS data integration, barcode readers, and onboard printer.


Best practices standardisation

Each process equal to the other, each operation precisely defined. We set a new frame of reference, to drive, manage, understand and optimize the lab workflows.


Maximum flexibility

40+ streaking patterns available, different and reusable inoculation loop sizes (1ul, 10ul, 30ul), dedicated loops for dual streaking. All features are LIS driven for automatic selection and change of streaking patterns and adequate loop.


Safety first

HEPA filtration system together with anti-drop technical solutions are WASP® key features to minimize contamination and cross-contamination risks.

Scalable Technology

Enhance your workflow management by integrating modules to automatize Broth Inoculations and Microscope Slide preparation.

Copan Group


Broth Inoculation

Takes care of the inoculation of enrichment broths or other transport systems, to address the need for parallel tests starting from a single sample.

Copan Group


Slide Prep EVO

Takes care of microscope slide smearing and fixation. It also boasts a sophisticated laser system for anti-solvent label printing.

Copan Group


Automated AST

Empowered by specific WASP® protocols, Radian® is the WASPLab® module dedicated to the full automation and interpretation of Disk Diffusion Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing.

Aim to Full Lab Automation

Always raise the bar

Never stop thinking about the future, as WASP® is just the first ring of the Full Lab Automation ecosystem! Microbiology 4.0 is the synonym of advancement and power of technology: WASPLab® is directly linked with WASP® and it is the portal to microbiology digitalization.

Digital Microbiology

The WASPLab® Ecosystem

Build up your Lab dream, module by module you can scale up quality, productivity, and medical value.

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* In order to grant the reliability of the diagnostic results to which the systems described in this brochure contribute and allow the safe and correct functioning of the instruments themselves, spare parts, and technical support must be provided by Copan (or its authorized distributors). Any third party’s containers, culture plates and consumables to be used on the instruments must be approved in writing by Copan. Limitations may apply: please refer to Copan’s official technical documentation.
Always consult product inserts and instructions for use for the appropriate use of the products. Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some Countries.
Please consult Copan for the availability of these products in your Country.

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