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Genetics and microbiome research study your and your microbiota’s – the symbiotic organisms that reside on and inside your body – genome for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.


Next-gen sensitivity

Genetic research studies the role of genes and genes variations in disease development, response to drugs, and heredity. Predictive testing, SNP genotyping, epigenetic and metagenomic techniques are already extensively used in laboratories worldwide; moreover, high-throughput genetic methods allow to diagnose human disorders at increasingly affordable costs. However, due to their sensitivity, any flaw in sample collection and preanalytical processing may be detrimental to genetic analyses and must be avoided at any cost.



An emerging interest

Over recent years, the volume of research within the microbiota field has grown rapidly, as its connection to human health became clear. Although the capability to analyze the microbiome has expanded quickly, microbiome research remains a challenging task, given that human microbiota involves numerous species interacting either cooperatively or competitively. Better methods of microbiome sampling, identification, and interpretation are then required to provide statistical power for studies that need to cover hundreds of thousands of individuals to reveal subtle effects.


Efficient and unbiased

Regardless of the sample’s origin, genetics and microbiome researchers need high yields and pure samples to obtain unbiased genetic results or analyze the entire microbiome characteristics.


hDNAfree FLOQSwabs®

Non-invasive, Safe, and Painless DNA collection devices for Genetic applications

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4N6FLOQSwabs® Genetics

DNA collection for human identification

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Nucleic acid collection and preservation

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Smart Delivery System for Nucleic Acid Preservation Medium

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