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Defending sample quality in the intimacy of domestic walls

Simplifying collection devices and ensuring a prolonged sample transport could promote self-collection expansion in many new medical fields.


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Features and benefits

It’s public health common sense!

Self-collection offers many advantages, such as avoiding close contact between patients and healthcare professionals, while simultaneously saving time and resources in hospitals and POC. The enhanced intimacy associated with self-collection lowers cultural barriers that limit testing, increasing participation in clinical studies and screening programs.


Your health into your own hands

Our self-collection products will make every patient forget unpleasant tests. Despite being simple and easy to use, their performance is comparable to the professional-assisted sample collection.

Many of our collection and transport kits leverage our patented FLOQSwabs®: discover why it’s a plus!


Vaginal SELF FLOQSwabs®

The FLOQSwabs® version designed for vaginal self-collection.

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SELF Lollisponge™

The sponge-made device for saliva collection.

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SELF UriSponge™

Innovative sponge system for urine self-collection.

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Smart Delivery System for Nucleic Acid Preservation Medium

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We offer many products that differ in features, design, and compatibility. To find the best one for your needs, use our search tool combining keywords such as application, collection site, microorganism, diagnostic assay… and so on!


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