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Self Collection


The sponge-made device for saliva collection

LolliSponge™ easiness allows saliva collection from non-collaborative patients or when professional assistance is not available, enabling COVID-19 active surveillance programs in fragile communities.

We believe in Self-collection

We are aware of all the intrinsic advantages linked to self-collection, and we truly believe that this could change the approach to diagnostics from the Patient point of view.

Deepen your understanding of our solutions specifically designed for self-collection surfing through our content!

Product Focus & Ordering Info
SELF Collection Application


Why saliva?

While nasopharyngeal swabs remain the gold standard for SARS-CoV-2 detection, salivary collection is an attractive alternative: it can be easily collected and demonstrated high detection sensitivity in the infection’s early stages. Compared to sputum, saliva avoids spitting-related risks for healthcare professionals working with contagious patients.


Lemon Cap

A mouth-watering feature!

The lemon-aromatized cap is a unique feature of LolliSponge®. It provides two advantages: stimulate salivary glands to produce saliva – reducing the time necessary to collect the proper amount of saliva – and make the collection more pleasant for kids.


Almost like… enjoying a Lollipop!

The sampling is performed just by keeping the sponge stick in your mouth for a few minutes without spitting or biting. This easy procedure can be performed at POC as well as at home, using LolliSponge® as a self-collection device.


Easy sampling without spitting-related issues

A non-invasive device that can be used to collect saliva from fragile or non-collaborative individuals.


Easy storage and shipping

Liquid-free, dry device and compact tube for smooth shipping and transport.


Easy, safe, and rapid workflow

Standard tube compatible with standard bench centrifuges. Saliva samples can be mixed directly with molecular biology reagents without any inhibition or interference issue.


Enables active surveillance programs

Suitable for self-collection, LolliSponge® opens up mass screening opportunities even where professional help is not available.

Processing and applications

Versatile and automatable

LolliSponge® full compatibility with UniVerse® automated handling allows to reduce the manual touchpoints during saliva centrifuge, aliquoting, and mixing.


Into the Line

This product line groups a variety of product codes, each optimized to address specific needs.
Check here the summary of these features and contact us to discover the product code that best suits your need-mix and available in your Country.

Collection Site

  • Mouth

Fields of Application

  • Self-Collection
  • Respiratory

Downstream Application

  • RT-PCR
Suggested uses table. Please refer to your GLP procedures to choose the most appropriate device.
The use of this product in association with diagnostic kits or instrumentation should be internally validated by the user.

Scientific Mentions

Always faithful to our scientific approach, we are eager to hear the proof of the success of our efforts and commitment.

Browse Studies

Padre Giuseppe Bettoni – Arché Foundation

It saved us in these pandemic times. In the last months, we have been able to test weekly all 50 people of the community, avoiding the virus to impact our mission. This resulted in the survival of or community.

Prof. Elisa Borghi and Valentina Massa, University of Milan

The sampling is homogeneous in the mouth, and the sponge adsorbs true saliva . Anybody can self-collect his/her sample, without spitting or touching directly the sample and avoiding the risk of contaminating surfaces and other people.

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Lollisponge™ – The sponge-made device for saliva collection

LolliSponge™ is our device conceived to enable active surveillance programs even when professional assistance is not available. Saliva collection with LolliSponge™ is performed just by keeping the sponge stick in the mouth for a few minutes, without any spitting-related risk; this easy procedure can be performed at POC as well as at home, using Lollisponge™ as a self-collection device. A dry device free of hazardous media, Lollisponge™ can be transported to the lab without any liquid-related problem, where it can be centrifuged and tested with the standard molecular diagnostic assays.

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