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Automation for microbiology quality control

Cyclone™ is ideal for food, baby food, feed, cosmetic, ingredients and pharma industries willing to standardize their microbiology quality control. It can be implemented by service laboratories to increase their productivity as never before.

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Many protocols for each lab, one automation for every protocol

This modular platform allows for complete protocol customization, including sample type and container, inoculation volume, dilutions set, plating technique, and agar medium. The absolute HEPA filter enables laminar flow conditions and prevents any cross-contamination when handling samples and plates.
Cyclone™ software is flexible in integration to LIMS, ensuring two way communication to import worklists and streamline reporting.

Designed for industry needs

Cyclone™ can handle high throughput sample dilutions and multiple molten agars simultaneously; plus, the Smart Incubation and Imaging modules ensure total plate incubation management and optimised growth conditions.


Is your lab ready?

Size doesn’t matter! Every industry microbiology lab can enjoy the benefits of this unique piece of automation.



Cyclone™ reproduces microbiology tests with a standard and high level of quality. Being designed around GMPs and ISOs regulations, it allows a swift integration into the labs workflow.



Cyclone™ parallelizes such different tasks as serial dilutions, plating and media pouring, eliminating delays and inefficiencies between consecutive operations.


Data integrity

Cyclone™ ensures traceability of all samples and plates; normally a time-consuming and error prone activity. Audit trails are always available, to give the right evidences when requested.


Cost Reduction

Cyclone™ reduces HR costs, automatizing no-added value tasks. Standardization leads to operational savings too, reinforcing the batch release process and minimizing the risk of product recalls.

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