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Liquid-Based Microbiology™ for every taste

Along with microbiology collection, preservation and transport systems, Copan’s portfolio includes a full range of enrichment and selective broths.

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WASP® compatible

Tube sizes, shapes and shatterproof plastics of our selective and enrichment broths are designed to make WASP® processing just a step away, decreasing manual handling and boosting your lab’s efficiency


Enrich or select

Copan’s LBM® enrichment broths are convenient and ready-to-use ready-to-use. All of them are stable at RT (20-25°C).

Selenite Broth™

Selenite Broth™ is a selective and enrichment broth for Salmonella enterica spp and Shigella sonnei. It is compatible both with Classic stool sample or FecalSwab™ sample.

GN Broth™

GN Broth™ is a selective and Enrichment broth for gram Negative bacteria, in particular Salmonella enterica and Shigella sonnei. It is compatible with untreated, eSwab® or FecalSwab™ samples.

TSB™ (Tryptic Soy Broth) Kit

TSB™ is a generic multi-use enrichment broth without salts for aerobes, moulds and yeasts. It is also available in kit with two regular FLOQSwabs®.

TSB Salt Enrichment Broth™

TSB Salt™ is a medium specifically intended for the isolation of S. aureus spp. After incubation, TSB Salt Broth™ is intended to enrich a specimen suitable for subculture on selective MRSA agar plates.

eMRSA Broth™

eMRSA broth™ is an enrichment broth for S. aureus spp, including MRSA and MSSA.

BHI (Brain Heart Infusion) Enrichment Broth™

BHI broth™ is a medium specifically intended for fastidious bacteria, including Streptococcus spp. and Pneumoniae spp.

LIM Enrichment Broth™

The LIM medium™ is a modification of Todd Hewitt Broth and is specifically intended for the isolation and enrichment of Group B Streptococcus.

Thiol Broth™

Thiol medium™ is a universal enrichment broth for anaerobic bacteria and obligatory microorganisms. Its tube is also designed to enable turbidity check for strict anaerobes after 24h.

CAT Broth™

CAT broth™ is an enrichment broth for the isolation of Candida and Trichomonas.

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Implementation of Copan FecalSwab™ and Copan Selenite™ on WASP® for the Automated Processing of Stool Specimens

Ann Lemmens, Truus Goegebuer, and Luc Hendrickx

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