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A flexible approach to sample preparation for molecular testing.

UniVerse® automates sample preparation steps for molecular testing: tube decapping and recapping, vortexing, swab handling, barcode identification, and liquid transfer to secondary tubes or assay plates.

Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

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Molecular Biology
Molecular biology

Sample preparations in Molecular Laboratory

Universe has been designed to resolve the most pressing issues in an often overlooked step: Sample Preparation.
Between sample collection and analysis there is a lot to do. Let UniVerse® help you in taking care of everything needed in the safest way.

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Workflow as a whole

Like every automation we design, it has its full potential unlocked when combined with our collection and transport devices: superior quality is achieved through complete control over preanalytics.

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With UniVerse™ you automate sample preparation for molecular testing: tube decapping and recapping, vortexing, swab handling, barcode identification, and liquid transfer to secondary tubes or assay plates.

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Downstream compatibility

No matter what downstream molecular biology platform you have. UniVerse® components are designed and customised to fit a variety of tubes and assay plates.

UniVerse® tasks

Handling 130 tubes/hour or 220 96-well plate samples/hour,
UniVerse™ integrates impeccably into your molecular biology lab’s workflow.

Facing unprecedented challenges

In the last years, molecular biology laboratories faced a massive increment of sample volumes.

This overload challenged these labs to control many aspects of the sample workflow, like traceability cross-contamination and productivity fluctuations.


Continuous loading

Easy access for continuous specimen loading and downloading without stopping the instrument.


Don’t lose track

Labelling, barcode printing, ID synchronization with L.I.S.: your samples are always in sight. Output IDs are also mapped on an intermediate le, especially useful for pooling protocols.


Built to care

The Class II NSF/ANSI 49 laminar flow hood ensures the complete safety of your staff.


Maximum flexibility

Universe® processes multiple specimen containers without manual removal of the swab. It handles capped and uncapped secondary tubes of different sizes, and comes with a customised assay plate holder, to fit your specific assay one.

Operational modes

Four aces up the sleeve

UniVerse® has not one, not two, but four different operational modes:

Especially useful for pooling protocols is our intermediate file, where output IDs are mapped.


A single solution
for a UniVerse® of applications

Thanks to its flexibility, you can prepare a variety of samples, from vaginal swabs to urine, from sputum to nasopharyngeal swabs, from individually collected to pooled nasopharyngeal swabs, and many others!

Now you can consolidate most of your daily workload. Copan primacy comes from a total sight over the entire pranalytical phase. Explore our collection and transport solutions, both SELF and not, and unlock the full potential of UniVerse®.

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UniVerse™- Flexible and open solution for molecular testing sample preparation

With UniVerse™, you can automate samples’ preparation for molecular testing: tube decapping and recapping, vortexing, liquid transfer and, barcode identification to secondary tubes or 96-well plates.

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UniVerse® Versatility

Sample preparation will never be the same! UniVerse® is our flexible solution for molecular testing, designed to face the surge of samples volumes in your lab by streamlining sample handling and plate preparation prior to molecular biology analyses.

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