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A successful forensic investigation begins with a proper sample, and proper samples are obtained using the appropriate collection method.

Sample collection in forensic science

The diagnosis of a crime

Forensic science aims to prove or exclude a connection between individuals and objects or places. To accomplish that, a wide range of specimens can be collected on a wide variety of objects or surfaces and used as evidence, to assist the criminal investigation process. When sampling these specimens – especially genetic material – it is crucial to avoid any kind of contamination, as modern molecular assays are extremely sensitive and may detect even small amounts of extraneous DNA. Moreover, after collection, these samples must be handled and transported appropriately to ensure their preservation and traceability.


ISO 18385:2016

Compliant with the latest standards

We test all the forensics products’ raw materials for the presence of amplifiable human DNA. We dedicated restricted areas and staff to these products, and we created a DNA database of all the people working on the genetic production, including our suppliers. Finally, we treat the finished products with EO and test them for hDNA contamination, releasing a CoA before the sale.

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Evidence collection tools

We offer different devices to respond to the need for a flawless sample collection and reduced DNA testing time – not for use on living humans.

All our forensics collection swabs leverage our patented FLOQ® technology: discover why it’s a plus!



Rapid DNA testing made portable

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4N6 FLOQSwabs® Genetics

DNA collection for human identification

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4N6 FLOQSwabs® Crime Scene

Evidence collection devices with antimicrobial treatment for crime scene use

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For collection, stabilization, processing, transport, and archiving of nucleic acid samples

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NAO® Basket

For rapid and efficient DNA recovery

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