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Clinical Automation


Picking phase made standard,

gold standard

Colibrí™ is Copan’s device designed to automatise colony picking, and preparation of targets* for ID through MALDI-TOF technology, and bacterial suspensions* for AST.

Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

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Through WASPLab® to Colibrí™

Mark your isolates for picking with your WASPLab® Webapp , or let PhenoMATRIX® TAG mark them for you.
WASPLab® will automatically unload your plates into a canister, for you to load them into Colibrí™.
Hit the play button and walk away! Colibrí™ already knows what to do and will prepare your ID targets* or AST tubes* for you.

Copan Group

Think integrated

Colibrí™ and PhenoMATRIX® TAG combined

Colibrí™ is the combination of breakthrough robotic precision, calibration technologies and digital imaging.
This matches perfectly with PhenoMATRIX® TAG which analyses the digital plate, automatically marks significant colonies for picking, and tells Colibrí™ how to act.


Let Colibrí™ do the extra mile

Efficiency, scalability, cost-saving, TAT reduction, resource optimization: the transition to an automated lab is a radical step that will change your whole perspective on the future of your lab.

There is no top-grade laboratory without a plan for automatization.


Synchronised vision

On a task where precision is the first request, especially in picking depth, Colibrí™’s triple vision system is the key feature that sets a new gold standard.


Downstream integration

No matter the technology in use, Colibrí™ is an easy integration with the majority of ID / AST formats*, Colibrí™ is an easy integration in any lab.


Accurate pipetting

Data synchronization between nephelometer and pipettor maximize standardization and ensure the highest precision standards.


Friendly user interface

Allows the operator to supervise the instrument and ongoing processes. This enhances Usability and Information accessibility.


Full traceability

From the originally streaked plate to the final colony position, you can keep a full audit trail through WASPLab® integrated LIS connection.

The easiest picking ever

Copan Group
Copan Group
Copan Group

The WASPLab® Ecosystem

Build up your Full Lab Automation dream! Module by module you can scale up quality, productivity, and medical value.

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* In order to grant the reliability of the diagnostic results to which the systems described in this brochure contribute and allow the safe and correct functioning of the instruments themselves, spare parts, and technical support must be provided by Copan (or its authorized distributors). Any third party’s containers, culture plates and consumables to be used on the instruments must be approved in writing by Copan. Limitations may apply: please refer to Copan’s official technical documentation.
Always consult product inserts and instructions for use for the appropriate use of the products. Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some Countries.
Please consult Copan for the availability of these products in your Country.

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