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WASPLab® brings you into the world of Digital Bacteriology.

More than a platform for incubation, storage, digitization, and recording of inoculated bacteriology plates*, WASPLab® is the nucleus of Copan Full Lab Automation.

Automation is the key

Automated processes are the Lab’s turning point to reach new heights of flexibility, quality, process management and optimization, and of course prestige.

Copan will take you by hand, wipe out all uncertainties, and guide you through this breakthrough change!

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Digital Microbiology
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The core of
4.0 microbiology lab

In the age of digitalization and industry 4.0, microbiology labs are also gearing up for the future. WASPLab® empowers the integration between robotics and full-digitalization, of a flexible and modular working structure.

Now you can imagine a fully automatic processing solution, tailored to your lab practices, samples, and workflows!

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Digitization basics

Concept of “digital” plate

Before and during incubation WASPLab® takes tremendously accurate digital images thanks to its top-notch imaging system: 48mpx trilinear sensor, telecentric optics, and 9mm depth of field to name a few features.

WASPLab® completes the “digitalization of the plate”: each plate has now an ID, an upstream sample ID and type, patient information, a workup, a plate type, and obviously the image itself.

All this information is accessible in one place: your WASPLab® workstation.

Digital Microbiology

WASPLab® is before all a first-rate bacteriology automation

Efficiency, scalability, cost-saving, TAT reduction, resource optimization: the transition to an automated lab is a radical step that will change your whole perspective on the future of your lab.

There is no top-grade laboratory without a plan for automatization.


Scalability and Modularity

We call this sizing and it is the process of tailoring the WASPLab® to your needs: protocols, LIS connections, throughput, sample types, and a lot more will be taken into consideration.


Stop touching plates

Once loaded in WASP®, plates are streaked, moved, incubated, and analyzed within the WASPLab®. Negatives will be trashed, and positives stacked. You won’t touch a plate until is time for picking… and there is also a solution for that: take a look at Colibrí™.


Best practices standardisation

Inheriting the WASP® approach, WASPLab® automatizes your best practices making them endlessly repeatable, making it way easier to face the true challenging cases that fall outside routine.


Everything at hand

WASPLab® Webapp will be your tool of choice during your screening and reading phases. All your digital plates in one spot, ready to be examined, and sent to the next step!

The tech that makes everything possible

As the pioneer of digital microbiology, WASPLab® offers a mix of great technologies, a result of decennial experience and continuous development.

This complete automation and imaging package, including telecentric optic, and the multi-robot automation, is the trump card available through WASPLab® image analysis algorithms, PhenoMATRIX® and Radian®.

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Depth of field

An exceptional 9mm Depth of Field make sure you’ll catch each tiny detail of the plate’s colonies, even those that develop vertically on the z-axis.

Copan Group


More than 1000
lighting combinations

Front and backlights, variable intensities and backscreens will give you over 1000 lighting combinations to make your bacteria look great.

Copan Group


Less than 0,1mm
colony size detection

The astounding resolution of 0,06mm/pixel makes it possible for you to read, and for our software to analyze up to 0,1 mm wide colonies.

Webapp Interface

Outstanding working experience

One screen to leaf through your whole plate library. No bustle with plate piles, no back and forth with samples and plates around the lab.

From the WASPLab® Webapp, you’ll be able to screen, read, send to trash, and mark for further steps your plates, all of these spiced by dozens of features to make your work flexible and easy.

Digital Microbiology

The WASPLab® Ecosystem

Build up your Full Lab Automation dream! Module by module you can scale up quality, productivity, and medical value.

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* In order to grant the reliability of the diagnostic results to which the systems described in this brochure contribute and allow the safe and correct functioning of the instruments themselves, spare parts, and technical support must be provided by Copan (or its authorized distributors). Any third party’s containers, culture plates and consumables to be used on the instruments must be approved in writing by Copan. Limitations may apply: please refer to Copan’s official technical documentation.
Always consult product inserts and instructions for use for the appropriate use of the products. Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some Countries.
Please consult Copan for the availability of these products in your Country.

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