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STIs and Cervical Cancer

Protect partners’ health

Although most STIs have no or only mild symptoms, the 1 million STIs acquired every day profoundly impact global health worldwide.

How to prevent STis?

Testing, testing, testing!

Many STIs can still cause health problems, and testing takes a crucial part in their prevention and treatment, being the only way to know if a person is infected. In the case of HPV, improving women’s adherence to testing programs demonstrated to reduce global cervical cancer incidence and is part of the WHO call to eliminate it by 2030.



Your health into your own hands

Self-collection is valid and acceptable for many STIs. Its flexibility increases participation in cervical cancer screenings in remote or low-resource settings by enabling testing in various locations such as healthcare facilities, workplaces, and homes. Visit our dedicated page to discover our take on self-collection!


Testing and screening tools

We offer several collection and transport devices for Sexually Transmitted Infections, whether of viral, bacterial, or fungal origin.

Many of our collection and transport kits leverage our patented FLOQSwabs®: discover why it’s a plus!



Universal Transport Medium® for collection, transport, and preservation of viruses.

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Multipurpose collection and transport system.

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Dual Purpose Medium for collection, transport and preservation of bacteria and viruses.

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Nucleic acid collection and preservation medium.

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Advanced system for collection, transport and preservation of urine

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We offer many products that differ in features, design, and compatibility. To find the best one for your needs, use our search tool combining keywords such as application, collection site, microorganism, diagnostic assay… and so on!


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